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Nowdy and I have alluded to our recent problems with sleep deprivation so I’ll come clean with one of the reasons. This past weekend we took a detour during our trip to the hive to meet a publisher who encouraged us to write a book or two and take selected advertising for other books along the lines of what is found on the American Zombie blog. As of the writing of this missive we have 2,360 published posts, most dealing with insurance, some dealing with living in the aftermath of this nation’s largest natural disaster along with a healthy dose of Beef Plant, the Perdigao saga and now the unfolding Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal among other topics.

Off the top of my head I’m guessing Nowdy and I have spent upwards of $10,000 on PACER and other blog related items over the past 2 plus years and have willing done so as a labor of love for the issues that confront the people of the Gulf Coast post Katrina. Neither one of us has delusions of wealth here but it would be nice to earn enough money to offset the expenses of publishing this blog and make the nights where we are lucky to grab a couple hours of sleep a bit more palatable. Since we are children of the internet we’ll be going with an internet based publisher. We’ll have more details on that soon. Please continue to enjoy us here on wordpress while we work on transferring the site.

Meantime stay tuned for some more Broussard fun, the long promised exploration of  Wendell Gauthier’s old firm and more on River Birch. We’re also hoping to cover developments in Sunquest, Ex Rel Rigsby, Part 3 of the Regulatory challenge and a bit more on Karen Clark, cat bonds and insurance cat modeling.


6 thoughts on “Coming soon to a computer near you:”

  1. I can only write for myself, no, I’ll conscript Pelican too, that we will support Slabbed in any way we can. Freedom of speech isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity ! The forces of evil have conspired to keep the envelope sealed; the children of the light have chosen to have that envelope opened. Revelation is empowering, truth is an absolute defense. Thank you Slabbed, thank you very much…………………..

  2. Viva la liberte! And to Whitmergate, Pelican and Mathilde: ” Non non Merci”. We’ve got your back Slabbed…just tell us what you need us to do.

  3. Tell your friends and acquaintences to stop by and by all means keep the tips, observations and comments coming in. In so many ways a blog is only as good as the people that read it.



  4. My Husband, Robert has thought about writing a book about what happened to us and the corrupted justice system. Wish you and Ms Nowdy the best.

  5. Mmmmm,,,Book With Paper!
    Hey! Hey! Have y’all seen the latest American Zombie?
    HA! Ain’t nothin’but Zombies all over my stat counter! Hahahahaha
    Well, of course the Slabbed as well! What a day!
    Slabbed with Zombies! Mmmmwhahahahahahahaaaaaa whew!

    Man, Sop, you shouldn’t have turned me onto the Sec State’s Ethics Thingy.
    Goddamn. Some People We Know throw away more Campaign Money than I’ll spend on Food in a Year. No Lie! Jeez Louie.
    Good thing my good friend is a Cardiologist!

    Uhm, y’all wouldn’t say you had anything to do with this Niagara Falls going down in Jefferson Parish, would you?
    Hmmmmmmmmmm? Jus’sayin, timing is everything.
    And, Timing y’all got in Spades.

  6. Editilla this story on the doings in Jefferson Parish needs all the bloggers it can attract. It is bigger than our capabilities but you know that doesn’t stop us. :mrgreen:

    The Feds are now looking into Murphy and that incestious deal with Redflex per Val Bracy. We’ll have the link up for tomorrow cause you know we were all over it weeks ago.

    We’re very proud to have Zombies on the Slabb.


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