Class action lawyer Hugh Sibley scheduled to be re-arraigned March 12

Our sources tell us this generally indicates that Mr Sibley has done the one thing no one expected: Cop a plea. We do not know if Mr Sibley is singing or not but if I had to guess the answer would be yes, especially in light of the renewed interest the old posts we published on this topic currently enjoy. Those post can be found here, here, and here. Connecting the dots in that matter led us to District Court Judge Richard T Haik and the Bayou Sorrel Class Action litigation. Our blogging on the general topic eventually lead Baton Rouge Attorney Donna Grodner to send us her now famous “Butt call” press release which we then connected to the Louisiana ODC by way of the Bayou Sorrel litigation.

When news of  Sibley’s legal problems surfaced it electrified the local legal community. If he cuts a deal the party currently underway in Jefferson Parish has potential to be kicked to another level IMHO. Stay tuned.

We’d also like to welcome our friends from south of the border that have become regular readers of our Sibley archival posts.


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