The closer the kin the deeper in. A quick look back at Wrinkled Robe, Tim Coulon, Montz, Tom Wilkinson and corrupt 24th Judicial District judges. UPDATED

We’re sitting on several tips here at Slabbed some of which resulted from the visit Nowdy and I paid Saturday to the hive in Jefferson Parish.  One tip that stands out is how one or more pedophiles skated in criminal court due to the connections they enjoyed in Parish government. What I don’t know is whether the Montz case is related to Tim Coulon being caught on FBI surveillance tape begging crooked Judge Bodenheimer’s for leniency for his perverted kin. I’m hoping the Slabbed Nation can tell me if parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson’s representation of Montz, a  sexual offender that skated, is related to Coulon’s tape recorded conversation with Judge Bodenheimer. In a way the unfolding political corruption scandal is the child of Operation Wrinkled robe which exposed corruption of epic proportions in the 24th Judicial District Courts. Let’s review by visiting the Wiki entry on disgraced former Judge Ronald Bodenheimer:

Ronald Bodenheimer was a judge in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, convicted of various federal charges resulting, in part, from an FBI probe called Operation Wrinkled Robe. Bodenheimer spent more than three years in federal prison, additional time in a half-way house, and was released on September 21, 2007, to serve the remainder of his term under probation under house confinement.

Bodenheimer began his legal career with the state as a prosecutor with the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office. In 1999, Bodenheimer won an election to become judge by defeating Jim Donelon , an established politician with overwhelming support by Jefferson Parish elected officials. Bodenheimer had the reputation of being a “law and order” judge and had been criticized by social activists for his heavy-handed conviction statistics. During his short term on the bench, Bodenheimer set the Jefferson Parish record for the longest prison sentence, 881 years for a remorseless armed robber…..

Bodenheimer owned a seafood marina in Venetian Isles, a suburb within Orleans Parish. The media first brought attention to Bodenheimer in 2001 when a teenage worker was electrocuted by a conveyor belt at the marina. It was discovered that the seafood marina had been operating without a license since 1999. Bodenheimer had already been embroiled in a lawsuit with Venetian Isles residents over Bodenheimer’s placing the commercial facility in the largely residential waterfront community.

A particular resident in the Venetian Isles community complained to the FBI about Bodenheimer and the marina, alleging the marina was being used for drug-trafficking. Bodenheimer and a marina employee, in an attempt to silence the vocal resident, planted OxyContin in the resident’s possession and attempted to have the man arrested on drug charges.

During the investigation into the framing incident, additional unrelated charges were brought against Bodenheimer for crimes committed in his capacity as a judge. A six-year FBI investigation into corruption at the 24th Judicial District Court, located in Jefferson Parish and where Bodenheimer presided as judge, revealed that a bail bondsman, Louis Marcotte III, had provided meals, trips, and other gifts to judges in exchange for their lowering bond requirements. The investigation, Operation Wrinkled Robe, resulted in 17 convictions, including Bodenheimer, Marcotte, fellow ex-judge Alan Green, and several Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies.

In addition, to the convictions brought through the marina-related drug plant and the bail bond bribery, Bodenheimer was convicted for having provided favorable rulings to restaurant-owner and Popeyes Chicken founder Al Copeland in a child-custody case. Bodenheimer confessed that a corporate attorney for a Copeland company had promised Bodenheimer a lucrative seafood contract in exchange for the favorable domestic ruling. Further, Bodenheimer confessed he had accepted $16,000 in fuel from a criminal defendant who appeared before his court.

So here we have a supposed law and order judge on the take with a nasty mean streak. I suspect he fit in well at the Gretna Courthouse. The investigation produced collateral damage as well such as former Judge Joan Benge, a name very familiar to our long time readers which we covered in the context of the former Judge Bobby DeLaughter (and later as a stand-alone story) who similarly engaged in ex parte communications and now find himself as guest in the Club Fed grey bar hotel taking a short time-out. Bodenheimer has already served his time. As I said above one of the other people recorded by the FBI was Tim Coulon. I did not find much on that particular topic on the internet in my limited search but I did run across a word document used by the Times Picayune to develop their Wrinkled Robe Timeline, the fancy version of which can be found on this T-P story concerning former Judge Benge. Using the magical powers of google I was able to reproduce the word doc as an HTML page from which I quote from the July 3, 2002 entry that our readers can reference here:

Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon discloses that while the FBI had Bodenheimer’s chambers under surveillance, he met the judge there to ask for leniency in the sentencing of his brother-in-law, recently convicted of sex crimes in Bodenheimer’s court. Coulon said no deal was discussed.

The way the story was told to us Saturday was a bit more dramatic and it involved Coulon begging the “law and order” judge on relative’s behalf. As we had already been tipped to Wilkinson’s representation of a sexual offender that essentially skated in Montz I naturally wondered if what the FBI caught on tape involving Coulon was the same case. I hope our readers can enlighten us in the comments and perhaps share some of the case docs in Montz for publication.


A reader sent in a link that greatly expands on what Tim Coulon did in betrayal of the public’s trust as we identify the child molesting pervert as Coulon’s brother-in-law Gary Mire and add a co-conspirator in soon to be former DA Paul Connick per Kenner politics:

Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon acknowledged that he approached Judge Ronald Bodenheimer about leniency for his brother-in-law, Gary Mire, who had been convicted of fondling little girls. Coulon claims that he did nothing wrong, but since he’s a public official entrusted with the people’s trust, we wholeheartedly disagree. This is indeed a gross violation of the people’s trust and he has to go. Anyone who does something like this, and publicly acknowledges it, does not warrant the electorate’s trust any longer. How dare he seek favorable treatment for someone who had been convicted of immorality in the worst way! His brother-in-law? Coulon added that he approached Bodenheimer in a private session to ask that his perverted brother-in-law be given fair treatment since he, Coulon, supported Bodenheimer’s opponent in the last election. This is unexcusable. Users of this website who appreciate public officials who are honest and trustworthy, must seek Coulon’s removal. How dare him go behind closed doors believing we, the public, will never find out. The only reason he’s talking now is that he’s scared that Bodenheimer, embroiled with his own troubles, was wiretapped. Beating a leak, Coulon is releasing this information with his own interpretation of the truth.

Despite the fact that Bodenheimer should have shown Coulon the door, he didn’t. Coulon also asked District Attorney Paul Connick, Jr. to interview a couple of witnesses who could challenge the charges against Mire. Why, didn’t the police do this already? Aren’t the detectives competent investigators? Now, why a Parish President would intervene in something he has no business with, is beyond us. And what did Connick reply? Hmmm. Connick claims that Coulon never asked him to do anything improper. We disagree. Anything asked with the outcome of influencing a criminal prosecution, at all, is improper.

Now what happened to Mire in the end? Well he got a three-year suspended jail term and five years probation. And, he was required to register as a sex offender. And, an evaluation to determine whether he needed counseling. He could have gotten a 10 year sentence for carnal knowledge and up to seven years for each of the indecent behavior counts.

Conclusively, Coulon remains adament that Mire did not receive special treatment. Despite the fact that many first time offenders get probation in sex cases, this case still stinks. Bodenheimer was always known as a tough judge who wasn’t afraid of dealing out long prison terms. Connick, who has said that he got an okay from the victims’ families about probation for Mire, has been discredited by one of the girls’ mothers. One said that she, in fact, asked Bodenheimer at sentencing to give him a jail term. Coulon now says that if he had to do it again, he’d again go see the judge. Hmm. Let’s throw him out. Could we as citizens get an audience before a criminal court judge to ask for help? I think not. Unforgivable. Coulon’s got to go. Connick, too. He is supposed to be the head prosecuting attorney for the people, not someone seeking a favor for someone his office just got finished prosecuting.

Following is a recent list of Jefferson Parish sex offenders and guess who is listed. We’re still asking for the Wilkinson case Montz in case someone would like to share.

Offender Name Brent Abreo George Adams Josh by sop81_1


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  1. And I bet that Mr. Bodenheimer’s Campaign disclosure list will be ripe with the names of the usual suspects, as Ms. Villio’s is.

  2. Interesting. Is it true that the same Wrinkled Robe FBI team is now in North Carolina looking into public corruption which also involves the North Carolina Bail Industry?

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