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The Dalai Lama Leaves the Whitehouse. Desiree strikes again.

I tell you folks Desirée Rogers is the gift that keeps on giving as she embarks on a style over substance tour attempting to reclaim a name and reputation she never enjoyed in the Chicago business community. Our readers may recall after Party-Gate Ms Rogers was invited to tell her story to Congress but the Obama Administration declined to make De sirée available for them tough, hand-on-the-bible questions she certainly would have been asked. Of course, there were also a series of more recent gaffes that were not as widely reported including the picture of the Dali Lama leaving the Whitehouse with bags of trash stacked up outside. That gaffe was preceded by the Whitehouse Office of Protocol offering the nearly blind British Prime Minister a set of DVD’s to watch. Ms Rogers style over substance way of conducting her affairs really showed through. By God De sirée has her story though and she is sticking to it and as long as she is content to lay on the BS we’ll be content to highlight it. Perhaps she should wear that Oscar de la Renta gown and call a press conference, yeah that’s the trick. The Times Picayune has the story:

Free for the first time to speak out about the circumstances surrounding the party-crashers at the White House state dinner in November, outgoing White House Social Secretary Desiree Glapion Rogers said Sunday her office followed established protocol to the letter that night, and reports that her office was not monitoring the gate when guests arrived are “just wrong.”

“Let’s just get the record straight, ” said Rogers, a New Orleans native, in a telephone interview from Chicago, where she made her career before being tapped by the Obamas as White House social secretary.

Rogers announced Friday she was stepping down to return to the private sector; on Saturday, the White House announced that Julianna Smoot, chief of staff to U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, will succeed her.

If she had left on her own would Team Obama have lined up a replacement so quickly? Heck he has been in office over a year and we still do not have US Attorneys appointed here in Mississippi as the Administration has a reputation for indecisiveness. They look very decisive here as we continue:

Rogers said she had always intended to leave the all-consuming post after about a year, but the reportage on her departure has brought back to the fore a narrative about how the celebrity-hungry Virginia socialites, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, managed to get into the first state dinner at the Obama White House, a narrative that suggests that Rogers’ office did not adequately man the gate when guests arrived.

“It’s wrong, ” Rogers said. “Everyone is saying the same thing, and it’s wrong.”……………………..

The often-stated criticism was that the social office veered from the Bush administration practice of stationing staff at the gates to vet people along with the Secret Service.

Rogers said that simply was not true, and that, in keeping with established practice, a member of her staff of five was at the main entrance all night. According to White House procedure, she said, the first point of contact arriving guests had was with the Secret Service, who would check all the names against the guest list.

If anyone arrived who was not on the list, it was the responsibility of the Secret Service to call that to the attention of the person from her office, who could then check to see whether the individuals in question were supposed to have been on the list, and whether, if their security information checked out, they should be admitted.

In this case, she said, the Secret Service did not relay any information about the Salahis or anyone else not being on the list to the representative from her office, and the Salahis got past the first and toughest checkpoint.

Our readers may remember that after party-gate President Obama gave the Secret Service a vote of confidence. Does anyone else see the reason De sirée was canned? Out of one side of her mouth she says a member of her staff was at the gate while out of the other she blames the Secret Service for not notifying the minion she posted to do her job so that she could attend the party. I mean just how big was that gate? There is a good reason Team Obama did not let De sirée anywhere near that bible and tough questions in Congress.

One thing that is undeniable is that De sirée is the gift to Slabbed that keeps on giving as that high powered Chicago business community which she claims to belong will be reading this post no doubt while chuckling at the feckless Ms Rogers. While we lay no claim that we are a part of that business community in Chicago, I don’t think I’m stepping out much when I say at least they take us seriously.


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