Debbie Villio come on down to The Price is Right!

Whitmergate fortified with Rebel Yell did the work (As a guy who traces paternal roots root to ol’ Kentucky I prefer Pappy but my mind is open). Slabbed reports you decide:

Ms. Villio filed a financial report, “Committee To Elect Debbie Villio” for monies received from a “breakfast fundraiser” on her behalf. This fundraiser was staged in June of 2009 while she was still Director of Code for Jefferson Parish. The Personnel Rules of Jefferson Parish specifically prohibit “any” political activity by an employee of the Parish, to wit Ms. Villio.

The people in code enforcement also have a hand in zoning decisions besides inspecting construction. This is a graft rich area in many states besides Louisiana. I took the liberty of visiting the Ethics Administration and running a few reports which I then combined and now present to the Slabbed Nation courtesy of Scribd. Enjoy while I put a short post together for the freaks at West Jefferson Medical Center:

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  1. Ah:





    Adams & Reese.




    — Hey, heard a rumor that Fontcuberta and one other guy used to take Broussard and all his staff out for lunches to places like Arnaud’s, all on them, anyone ever here of this kind of thing?

  2. The judicial election for Division “A” of the 24th JDC represents the first time an informed electorate of certain Jefferson Parish citizens has the opportunity to slap down the politicos who have been running the Parish and grafting for decades. Villio will have all the heavy hitters in her corner, including Sheriff Newell Normand, who inexplicably (like Paul Connick and others) is using his own campaign funds to try and get Villio elected. It’s time for the citizens of Jefferson Parish to take back the courthouse. The voters of Metry better step up.


  3. Pardon my French, but I for one believe insults between friends sounds much more dignified in French, don’t you de Brief ? Pelican, Maltilde where are ya’ll…the note says “got to get to DC, something’s up….”J’espere que votre eruption est aussi virulente que la mienne”….hmmmmm

  4. ok here goes Part Deux : Debbie’s double dipping

    Charles V Cusimano III: Justice of the Peace and recently appointed to also be Hearing Officer for Bureau of Administration where Villio’s Inspection and Code Enforcement hearings go for, what’s that Pancho? hearings? So he gives $500 and the missus gives $500. And of course he is TOTALLY impartial when deciding if Director Villio’s ICE -capades followed the rules in citing violations and hauling those darn pesky neighbors of her ‘friends’ into court. Like totally man.

    Blue Williams Lawfirm: Hmmm, let me see, Assistant Parish Attorney Matt Friedman flubs the early stages of a lawsuit by the Iron Works man off Causeway ( Boes?) alleging collusion and conspiracy in stopping his albeit atrocious iron home ( ok sure it is) so Blue Williams miraculously gets the gig to spend more of your hard-earned tax dollars to play chicken with a very angry and frustrated attorney. Let ’em sue she replied as she munched on her delicacies at Barreca’s, I don’t care, cheri mais it is not the money of moi but toi. Bien sur. Chaching $1000.00

    Connick & Connick: $1,000,000.00 per year in outside counsel buckaroos from Parish work
    Need I say more? $500.00 a bargain at half the price. Considering Committee to Re-elect Paul Connick kicked in another $1000.00.

    Coulon Consultants, LLC: Oh shit is all she wrote. $500.00

    Elton Lagasse Campaign Committee: Pay up or lose the westbankers support for Council-at-large. C’est tout. $1000.00 a small price to pay

    Favrot & Shane: Let me refer you to the Spring 2010 Jefferson Life which just hit mailboxes ( 87,500 per the distribution legend on page 5) : On page 22 as written by Jill Willie ( I could not make this stuff up) Henry Shane , the Architect of Economic Development in Jefferson Parish. A partner in Favrot and Shane Architects; Lake Development Construction and First Lake Properties he builds and manages apartment complexes all over Jefferson Parish. No conflict there as I am certain the Architect of Economic Development in Jefferson Parish would nevah allow any of his gazillion complexes to be out of compliance. No m’am! $500.00

    Neither John Stumpf ( Jack Stumpf Realty? ) Check out the number of cases Crystal Heine ( I AM NOT MAKING UP THESE NAMES) has handled as West Bank Hearing Officer where Stumpf showed up as owner or rep. But of course no conflict for a major player in the rental market to ante up for the Inspection and Code Enforcement Director’s campaign war chest. $1000.00 CHA-CHING

    Champagne Palace: Nothing needing inspection there of course. $ 500.00

    Sizeler: aaagh $500.00

    Ken ” I am the unanimous choice to take Aaron’s place -not” Hollis ( now he must be pissed about wasting that $500.00)

    Lagniappe Industries, LLC: ‘nuf said $250.00

    Noodle Normand Campaign Fund: Should he or his handlers have known better than to knowingly participate in a violation of the Parish rules against Political Activities? Isn’t he an attorney? Hasn’t he been involved in Parish campaigns? $2500.00

    Parson & Sanderson, Inc: St John Parish, a Camry , a c…er girlfriend and the walls came tumbling down. Probably everyone is wishing this had not happened. $500.00 plus another $500.00 from Edmond Q. Parson. Wonder what the Q stands for.

    Pepper & Associates: Post Katrina contractors hired to inspect FEMA trailers and present cases on behalf of Inspection and Code Enforcement due to dearth of ICE personnel
    available. Reported to and trained by ICE read Director Villio. $1000.00

    Pipeworks Plumbing & Demolition LLC: Operative word in the name is DEMOLITION. The Director herself had to sign off on Emergency Demolitions…did Pipeworks get any? Cross reference with Parson & Sanderson above as one of the three companies who split the cost of the Camry. Possibly gonna sink Harahan Councilmember Tifanny Wilkin who is prosecutor in Bureau of Administration Adjudication…Debra Gail Miller Yenni ( former Deputy Parish Attorney now retired who notarized Wilkinson’s signature on the Tim Coulon Campaign docs and per Wilkinson was the go-to girl for Ethics questions such as could Whitmer sell insurance to the Parish?) is godmother to Tif’s daughter; Linda Roy ( Inspection and Code Enforcement; Petty Cash person and Tif’s aunt) whose hubby works in code too. Oh the family ties that bind. Or is it blind? $2500.00

    Rathborne Companies, East LLC : See Favrot & Shane and Stumpf above. Same motive. $500

    Sam Schudmak, attorney and landlord . No no no, there is no issue with any of his properties EVER. $500.00

    Ah and now the really interesting: TEMPLE PROPERTIES LLC Rumor has it this is the LLC owned by M/M Jim Barkate of Southern Abstracts fame. If you need me to draw the lines between the dots on adjudication, liens and property abstracts you are in big trouble. Temple Square in Gretna houses Southern Abstracts so named by his daughter, you guessed it , Temple. $2000.00

    Oops: Wilken Law Firm. A measly token $100.00. Now just exactly WHEN did Tifanny Wilken take on the job of Inspection and Code Enforcement prosecutor in Judge Cusimano’s court?

    So we hit the end of the list of easy ones. I’ll continue my research of the other names to confirm their identities and income streams. If anything jumps out at me I’ll update.

    Later gators, love the musak. Bon soir; buenos nachos; and to all a g’nite.

  5. WOW ! “On doit vous emmener dans une chambre noire immediatement”. With that said, there are more nuances to unslabbed’s critique.

    Mr. Cusimano, who is a retired Judge ( $100,000 + a year) ; a Justice of the Peace ( $50,000 + commissions a year) and a WILKINSON buddy who now is a “Hearing Officer” at $90,000 a year contributes to who ? His boss of course ! And, then his wife and former law and business partner follow in toe.

    Then there’s George Cella lll, a developer of strip malls in JP, whose very close friend, a former judge, appointing Ms. Villio with some 80 curatorships, do the ante up.

    And really, Elton Lagasse ! Does Chrissy Roberts (married to Butch Ward’s niece) have that much power over you to cave in to this debacle ?

    I’m sorry, but should the Hamid R. Alizadeh, the immediate supervisor under the Public Works Director, Jose Gonzalez at the time, be involved in this political activity ?

    You know what, I don’t have enough hours in the day to go on and on about what’s wrong with this picture.

    Anyone but Ms. Debbie Villio is the point and the message.

  6. Holy shit, my head is spinning! And to think that later down the road, i wanted to go for judge. the deck is stacked!!

  7. I don’t think either of the contributions is directly from Justice of the Peace “Chuck” Cusimano. From the addresses it looks like the contributions were made by his son ( a lawyer and one-time ADA in JP; still might be) and Chuck’s wife. Way to avoid the appearance of impropriety Chuck; have your wife and son contribute. I consider this worse than Justice of the Peace Cusimano writing the check himself. It’s almost as bad as having the sheriff, DA, etc. contributing money from their respective campaign funds.

    Sydney, this stacked deck ain’t going to work, not this time around.

  8. Let me say this about Sam Schudmak, the corrupt bastard: my former silk-stocking law firm, which post-Katrina gave Schudmak’s son an associate position, is one of the most corrupt public offficials I ever have encountered. Many a time David Batt sent me out to First Parish Court on David Drive when Sam was sitting as a traffic court judge to “dispose” of traffic tickets for family members, friends, attorneys of the firm, and so on. I really didn’t like doing this and I made my feelings clear/ Instructions: Meet Sam Schudmak in the hall OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM and hust pass him the ticket and walk away. The payoff: Sam and wife Abramson get more than a million bucks over the fiery death of Schudmak’s wife’s brother in an 18-wheeler accident, with the firm copping only a 12% contingeny fee after the case was stolen from competent lawyers in Virginia. That’s the Schudmak story — one sorrry corrupt MF and I’ll take a GD lie detector test on it. Batt and Schudmak epitomize evil and corruption.

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