chain, chain, chain of fools – Liberty Mutual’s and Standard Fire’s motions to break chain and sever from Branch defendants

Aretha I’m not but a chain of fools I can spot –  and, despite their claims to the contrary, there’s no weak link between either Liberty Mutual or Standard Fire and the other Branch defendants.  I will concede, however, both companies rattle the chain more than most.  In fact, they make so much noise that I would have missed the motions to sever each filed in January had the two defendants not recently filed motions for leave to Reply to the Branch Response in Opposition to their motions..

Apparently, I’m not the only one who ignored the rattling and moved on.  While both argue against being joined with other defendants, the two companies are obviously joined in a defense strategy to sever.  Each requested a hearing on its motion on the same day, the 3nd of February, a date that passed without a response from the Court.  Perhaps, I’m not the only one these two links in the “chain” didn’t fool.

The WYO Accounting Procedures Manual, Exhibit 1 to the Branch Opposition brief, documents the link. Liberty Mutual makes a foolish attempt to fool the Count by claiming Branch “espouses a new theory of liability” by arguing “the defendants’ unauthorized/fraudulent use of the DHHS PMS” as sufficient to “satisfy Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 20(a)(2)’s requirement that the right to relief against joined defendants must arise out of the same series of transactions or occurrences”.

Surely, neither defendant expects the Court to believe its company does not have to use the established NFIP procedures and system to file flood claims!  The word games these two companies are playing is based on the same flawed analysis of policyholder claims data used to justify streamlined or steamrolled procedures.

Granted, each claim represents a different property and all that claim handling entails. However, the Feldman procedures erred because the number one insurer’s claims are to the total number of claims is a reliable indicator of nothing other than the calculated percentage.  Likewise, the number of exemplary claims Branch cited for a single defendant insurer is not a statistically reliable indicator of the extent of the alleged fraud.  The Branch opposition brief picks up from there: Continue reading “chain, chain, chain of fools – Liberty Mutual’s and Standard Fire’s motions to break chain and sever from Branch defendants”

Slabbed news miscellany: A few stories we are following plus Sunday Music

First up is several links involving the Feral lawman aka the NOPD and the developing story of the indictment and plea deal of Michael Lohman who was involved in the coverup of the shooting of unarmed civilians after Katrina. The Times Picayune in partnership with ProPublica has done an excellent series of articles on lawmen gone wild after Katrina in New Orleans, one of which we posted on late last year. We’re filling the print coverage void in Jefferson Parish and are content to let the Times Picayune’s excellent reporting on this stand on its own. Today I feature two Oped’s, the first from James Gill who takes disgraced former US Attorney turned former NOLA District Attorney Eddie Jordan to task for his actions in the city investigation. IMHO Eddie is most deserving of indictment and if there is not a law against being a feckless incomp maybe there ought to be one. The second column by Jarvis Deberry is a scathing indictment of soon to be former Police Chief Warren Riley who promised to find out what happened on the Danziger Bridge, then promptly did nothing even going so far as to recently admit he never bothered to read his own department’s report on the shootings. Maybe Jim Letten can spare an indictment of Mr Riley as he deserves to be sharing jail cells with these thugs called New Orleans police officers. Continue reading “Slabbed news miscellany: A few stories we are following plus Sunday Music”

How about a bit of petty corruption Mississippi style: All your base are belong to us

Cotton Fore unmasked

Anita Lee tells the story. In a comment to Anita’s story I shared what I was thinking, so lets reverse things and start with my remark: 

It was mighty dry last May/June and hot too. Instead of hooking into the line next door and then making that “mistake” why didn’t Cotton simply have his plumber fix his line. This stinks to high heaven including “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil” Jim Simpson. I suspect several of the interviewees noses grew several inches after talking with Anita and Robin 

Does this remind anyone of V? 

Here is a snippet from Anita’s story on one of the wealthiest and politically connected businessmen in Harrison County filching water from what appears to be a willing victim in the Harrison County Development Commission: Continue reading “How about a bit of petty corruption Mississippi style: All your base are belong to us”

Debbie Villio come on down to The Price is Right!

Whitmergate fortified with Rebel Yell did the work (As a guy who traces paternal roots root to ol’ Kentucky I prefer Pappy but my mind is open). Slabbed reports you decide:

Ms. Villio filed a financial report, “Committee To Elect Debbie Villio” for monies received from a “breakfast fundraiser” on her behalf. This fundraiser was staged in June of 2009 while she was still Director of Code for Jefferson Parish. The Personnel Rules of Jefferson Parish specifically prohibit “any” political activity by an employee of the Parish, to wit Ms. Villio.

The people in code enforcement also have a hand in zoning decisions besides inspecting construction. This is a graft rich area in many states besides Louisiana. I took the liberty of visiting the Ethics Administration and running a few reports which I then combined and now present to the Slabbed Nation courtesy of Scribd. Enjoy while I put a short post together for the freaks at West Jefferson Medical Center: Continue reading “Debbie Villio come on down to The Price is Right!”