Le depart de siree

Long time readers of Slabbed know there was no way that we would pass on the story of Desiree Rogers being shown the door by Team Obama yesterday. We were early innovators on Ms Rogers with Nowdy’s post from November 2008 originally titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail” where she profiled Ms Rogers’ ties to Allstate which became fodder for friendly banter on the Yahoo Allstate Finance board, most of it not complimentary toward her.

More recently Ms Rogers became famous for not doing her job at the state dinner when Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the party by bullshitting their way in and then for several other mixups since. Naturally one would expect the hometown newspaper would tell the kindest version of the story but I’ll add based on what our friends from Ms Rogers last employer tell us she is far from a pillar of any business community let alone the high-powered one in Chicago. The reality is she is intelligent and highly attractive but more important connected, first via her father and then her ex-husband. As Nowdy observed after party-gate she was seemingly ignorant of her place in the White House pecking order.  We let Ms Rogers hometown paper tell the story:

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers announced today that she will be stepping down from her job.

Rogers, a former New Orleans Zulu queen and daughter of the late city councilman Roy Glapion Jr., received criticism after the infamous party-crashers attended November’s state dinner honoring the prime minister of India.

Rogers later acknowledged not having staff from her office at security checkpoints to help identify guests. Lawmakers demanded that she testify to Congress about her handling of the event. The White House would not allow it.

Our readers can find more at the Times Picayune.

3 thoughts on “Le depart de siree”

  1. I just heard on the news she is leaving “to go into the cororate world”. Is that scary or what? Maybe there is a spot at GM or Chrysler for her.

  2. Hehehe… love your titles.
    I am beginning research on USAA. Any info on its connection to New Orleans, and my ahem sphericals, would be helpful. I asked you both about this very early in our relationship, but recent developments have led me to seek more clarity. Pardon my ambiguity, but this is a call to the entire slabbernation.
    Thank you in advance.

  3. I figure AIG Sup. As long as they are getting taxpayer billions they can afford someone like her to build Hank Greenberg’s new facebook page.

    To me this is a classic example why a political hack should never get jobs requiring self disipline and skill.

    Meantime the Picayune rolled out a bigger wet kiss today to make sure that everyone knows which local crook sired her. I’m certain she fit in well with the Chicago political machine based on what she learned from Daddy in NOLA as a youngster.


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