8 thoughts on “BREAKING: This just in from Team Broussard”

  1. Actually, if you listen closely, for some reason it sounds like attoneys and polititians conspiring on some plot or pehaps simular to an event on the house floor during the voting.
    Just saying.

  2. I have a request Sop. Could you edit the head of the pig with the face of Chrissy Roberts’ cheecky, arrogant, hypocritical smirk ? I’ve never seen a pig with glasses before. I mean, $190,000 dollars without an election ! For a tractor and a float ! … and, a lot of pork on the side too. Am I living in Uranus and no one told me it’s Jefferson Parish, La. ?

    I know, it’s caddy, but Pelican had to restrain me today as I read the article Prieux wrote about how much and the what for these ignoble creatures chose to spend their donor’s largess. And wait till we read the list of usual suspects who did the “tit for tat” with these buffoons. Just when you truly think and have assumed the worst revelations have been made bare, this crap blindsides you. And the ludicrous part of this story that is not written, is that this group of grandiose graft mongers expect the very same people they take care of will be back again to support their self-serving franchise.

    A $40,000 golf tournament…..$11,000 for a suite at a basketball game ?…Com’on man, let’s force these political aliens back to earth and vote them out.

  3. Unfortunately it is not my video but Nowdy is good with photo editing, Perhaps she could marry the face of a pig with the body of one for a nice still shot.


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