BREAKING: Theriot Slabs Tom Wilkinson. Stay tuned to Slabbed for Updates.

“Pictures” or not Mr Wilkinson simply became too hot. We’ve got more coming folks as this story is still developing and we should be able to provide a bit more context to the events. For the here and now lets visit with Richard Rainey who has the story for the Times Picayune:

Tom Wilkinson, Jefferson Parish’s embattled top attorney, was placed on paid administrative leave today, interim Parish President Steve Theriot said. Theriot said Peggy Barton will be the acting parish attorney. He wouldn’t comment further on Wilkinson’s suspension.

“It’s a personnel issue,” he said. “I don’t want to put myself or the parish in a (bad) position.”

You already have put the parish in a bad position Mr Theriot. I won’t speculate whether you realize that yet but if you really want to do right by the citizens of Jefferson parish you sir should resign as we continue:

Wilkinson also served as the director of former Parish President Tim Coulon’s political campaign committee. While that role ended in 2007, according to records with the secretary of state, parish law appears to bar all employees from political activities.

However, the law has some exceptions, including “administrative assistants” to the parish president. It’s unclear if Wilkinson falls under that category as an “at will” employee appointed first by Coulon and retained by Broussard.

The Coulon campaign committee listed the Joseph S. Yenni Building, the headquarters for the parish government in Elmwood, as its formal address.

Coulon, parish president from 1995 to 2004, also was an insurance agent associated with Whitmer’s firm.

When Broussard ordered an investigation into Whitmer’s insurance practice last year, Wilkinson recused himself, saying Whitmer’s wife, Dawn, insured two properties he partly owned. He also said he executed the will of Whitmer’s parents.

I think anyone following this has been vexed it took Theriot so long to do what was right. Conventional wisdom is that Mr. Wilkinson will be indicted by the feds. There is more to this story and while we wait for updates I’ll share some rank conjecture based upon what we know. Wilkinson has done lots of double-dealing for two administrations and most likely has dirt on every major player in the Parish as a result. If he sings certain people who think they are in the clear will be compromised. Frankly and as several of our commenters have remarked, most of this shady stuff was done out in the open so in the scheme of things it matters not about Wilkinson. Our readers will understand more why I say that when I revisit River Birch next post.


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  1. More family fun

    Watch the Magic-8 Ball:

    Nancy Cassagne is Theriot’s Wilkinson’s sister in law.

    Cassagne goes to work for West Jeff.

    Byron Lee’s assistant (and what else?) Pam Watson goes to manage JP Community Health Clinics, where she is hired by…. Nancy Cassagne.

    Theriot’s daughter is married to a Dr. Langhetee at JP Community Health Clinics.

    Now, Pam Watson has had some problems in terms of money stolen from JP Community Health Clinics.

    Now, Wilkinson couldn’t exactly evaluate and provide a recommendation on the Whitmer/Lagniappe “thing” because of ***conflict of interest.

    Now can Theriot reasonably be expected to provide an impartial evaluation of Wilkinson? Or does he have a conflict of interest?

  2. Mr. Theriot is a creature of the corrupt political culture embedded in Jefferson Parish which he fully embraced; it is his albatross. His conduct of late is analogous to observing the the ship’s captain rearrange the deck furniture on the Titanic. I await the day the Feds revisit and investigate the illegal and arrogant appointment of him by the Parish Council contrary to the “Sunshine” laws of Louisiana. Those laws pertain to the open meetings requirements. I can hear it now as Mr. Theriot is being question relative to his role in that conspiracy : “Mr. Theriot what did you know and when did you know it ? ”

    It is Mr. Theriot’s reluctance to censure Mr. Wilkinson till now that is suspect. Mr. Theriot was put there to maintain and bolster the stonewall for the status quo, which he himself is a charter member. Wilkinson was the point man for the ongoing drama we know as “River Birch”. Mr. Wilkinson remaining Parish Attorney has become too toxic for the principals involved.

    The following is but one path in a turn in the River Birch landfill labyrinth. Wilkinson conspired in tandem with Whitmer to facilitate the promoting of an RFP. I can remember Whitmer’s infamous quip comparing the request for the RFP to a fishing trip for the best deal. The pond was stacked and Heebe was hooked. Rainey’s article in Jan. 14, 2009, Times Picayune sets up the story of this myriad of deception.

    RFP No.176 is now in motion. A RFP evaluation committee is created. The voting members are: Tom Wilkinson, Parish Attorney and Secretary of the Evaluation Committee, Alan Gandolfi, the Council’s Budget guy; and John Fos ? . They elected not to afford Marnie Winter, Director of Environmental Affairs, a voting status. We now know from a recent article reporting on the Council’s call for a contract for a consultant to review the River Birch fiasco, that other than Ms. Winter, a PHD in the field, the three voting members had absolutely no expertise or experience to critique the RFPs in question. That’s lawyers for ya’… know everything about nothing.

    On December 22, 2008, Mr. Wilkinson sends a letter to then Council Chairman John Young reporting the the final scores of the two companies, River Birch 274/300 and Concrete Busters 143/300. To date no one seems to be able to find the individual work sheets of these esteemed committee members. Hmmmmmmmmm

    Hearing Mr. Wilkinson’s mumbo-jumbo spiel as he tries to convince Val Bracy during her interview of him several weeks ago that River Birch is a bonanza to the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish is mind boggling. Let’s see: 1) we pay $160,000,000 to River Birch a year, compounded by the CPI index at 3%-5% per year for twenty-five years; is that near $500,000,000 Sop ? 2) breach the contract with Waste Management that has cost JP taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in legal fees to law firms that Mr. Wilkinson can later hit on for campaign contributions in support of those who keep him in office, 3) have the taxpayers of JP be liable for any damages that Waste Management may be awarded 4) and by far the real golden egg, JP closes it’s landfill establishing a MONOPOLY for River Birch ! Personally, I think Mr. Wilkinson was manipulating putting a peeled banana up the JP taxpayers butt.

    Unfortunately for us, this is just one snippet in a very complex web of political power brokering relating to the River Birch drama. It’s all garbage………

  3. ? CORRECTION and ILLUMINATION: A voting member of the Committee, David Fos, a Wilkinson weenie, who is an Asst Parish Attorney for the last 2 years, at a salary of $76,000 plus… whatever.

    Peggy Barton, acting Parish Attorney ? First Asst to Mr. Wilkinson… okay, we’ll discuss that later…

  4. Well thank you Pelican…the figure Mr. Wilkinson is touting is $6.3 million a year for 25 years at a CPI of %3-%5 per annum. He stays on fixed on repeating the sum total will be $160,000,000 over the 25 years and what a great deal it is, When pressed over and over by Bracy that the $160,000,000 is not dispositive of the compounded CPI index, Mr. Wilkinson finally admits that the $160,000,000 figure does not represent the compounded CPI add on. So whether it’s %3, %4 or %5 the figure will be hovering around the half of billion mark. Thank you Mr. Wilkinson for finagling such a good deal for your friends !

  5. And remember where David Fos cut his teeth . . . as a prosecutor (ha ha) in the Kenner City Court . . . I mean Mayor’s Court.

    Yesterday’s article on the council members’ expenses should be the basis for a further investigation into each one (except shockingly, Louie Congemi) and where ALL of this money was spent. That article seemed to fly under radar and lack the shock appeal it should have. With everything else going on in JP Govt., I guess it’s kind of like throwing a match into a raging inferno.

  6. Pelican’s, very french girlfriend, Maltilde, who just came thru the door shouting at deBrief, “Je t’emmerdede, espece de porc a la manque”. Sort of meaning, ya’ll have been drinking too much Rebel Yell. They are having a convoluted language argument about him having to go back to DC about a Jefferson Parish story….Hmmmmmm. He tell’s me I’m computer stupid because I didn’t know how to save the draft of this post I lost trying to research a newspaper article by Paul Rioux,04/14/2009, about some JP Council pay scale scheme Broussard and Whitmer cooked up. Taking a gulp of Rebel Yell, I yelled back, “Je n’en ai rien a foutre, espece de depuceleur de vierges” Maltilde leaves the room, and Pelican passes the bottle. I need to finish up on some Wilkinson tid bits.

    From a period of January 6, 2007 up and thru January 2010, Mr. Wilkinson’s salary increased by $70,000 plus, including two “discretionary raises” of $12,000 and $40,000. Like Mr. Whitmer’s obscene raises, they were received in the shadow of Mr. Broussard’s term to be ended in 2010. What we did not know then, but we know now is, that even with the resignation of Mr. Broussard, Mr. Whitmer ,as a result of his unconscionable raises, will receive a retirement check in the amount of $172,000 a year, and he’s only 50 years old ! And Mr. Wilkinson, put on administrative leave with pay at an amount of $189,000, will receive about $6000 every 2 weeks, while he continues to practice law full time.

    In a rather revealing interview Mr. Wilkinson had with Val Bracy of Channel 8, Fox News, we learn that Mr. Wilkinson believes he earned these huge raises within the last 34 months because he has worked hard the last 15 years as Parish Attorney. He acknowledges that most people get, maybe, 4% to 5% cost of living raises ( we know now the Broussard/Whitmer Administration reduced that to 2% to 0%). Mr. Wilkinson, in reply to Val Bracy’s criticism of the amount of monies he received states: “Val I don’t appologize for it ok. ” However a more magnanimous Mr. Wilkinson tells us that if Mr. Theriot and /or the Council were of a mind that such raises were excessive he would be respectful of their decision to rescind them, although he may not agree with it.

    Thank you Mr. Wilkinson. And that’s just what Mr. Theriot and the Council should do !

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