Slabbed updates the Jefferson Parish front: Redflex reveals more under the table payments. Wilkinson “Broke the Parish’s law”

I’m reworking the post that was scheduled for publication yesterday in response to some new information so while the Slabbed nation waits we have a pair of stories from Fox 8 that directly touch on topics we’ve blogged on: The red light contract and Parish Attorney Tom Wilkerson’s double-dealing. Let’s start with Redflex:

Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot says he’s started getting answers about the red light camera program.

In particular, he’s focused on the names of all subcontractors who will make money off the deal.

Theriot asked Redflex Traffic Systems two weeks ago for information on who would get money from the contract.

He finally got that information today.

Already mentioned was local insurance agent Bryan Wagner and Julie Murphy, who is the wife of Jefferson Parish judge Bob Murphy.

But Theriot says he found out today that a parish contractor named Charlotte Burnell is also set to receive money from Redflex.

Theriot canceled a parish contract with Burnell last month. She was supposed to oversee a $3.5 million FEMA housing grant but Theriot said too much of the money was going to administrative costs and only a small portion was alloted for the actual homeowners.

Theriot says Redflex also revealed that it contributed information to a study on the safety benefits of red light cameras; which critics say could compromise the integrity of the report depending on what information Redflex provided for study.

Theriot says he is definitely going to audit the Redflex contract.

Next up is the political activities of Tom Wilkinson as he apparently ran Tim Coulon’s political machine from his parish office. Val Bracy has the story from Fox 8 (we’d love to embed your videos guys but WordPress does not support your format):

Jefferson Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson appears to have violated the parish rules on political activity by employees according to the parish code of ordinances.

The personnel board is looking into political activity violations by one than one employee but will not confirm whether Wilkinson is one of them.

A corporation document from the Secretary of State shows that Wilkinson served as an officer and the director of the Tim Coulon campaign Committee.

He ran it out of his parish office in the Yenni building.

During a January interview with Fox 8, Wilkinson said he “probably should not have been done with that address.”

According to the parish’s Code of Ordinances, most parish employees are not allowed to be an officer for a candidate’s campaign or manage campaign affairs.

“As the parish attorney you would think he would know all of the laws. You would think Mr. Coulon would know all the laws and not asked any employees to get actively involved in his campaign,” said Rafael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

The code also says the penalty for that violation includes immediate discharge if the employee is unclassified.

Parish Attorney is an unclassified position.

Our readers will no doubt remember the speculation during Informed Sources on a coming high profile resignation. All eyes are on Tom Wilkinson as we continue:

Sources tell FOX 8 that board attorney’s are looking into whether Wilkinson has worked on Coulon’s campaign within the last two years.

But according to information Ethics Administration website, Wilkinson signed Coulon’s Candidate Report in 2009.

The FBI served Wilkinson with a subpoena last month for all of his records pertaining to the Tim Coulon Campaign Committee.

Wilkinson said at the time that he did not have any documents related to the subpoena.

Given the testimony of Joseph Mole at Tom Porteous’ impeachment hearing along with other problems we’ve documented on Slabbed losing his job is the least of Tom Wilkinson’s problems. I’m told reliably that Tim Whitmer is exhibiting a carefree attitude in public. He is either in deep denial or he’s cut a deal.

Meantime while Fox 8 is on a tear covering the corruption in Jefferson Parish, over at the Times Picayune we learn that a great dane from Tuscon set the world record for being tallest dog and that menace to society, the Audubon flasher has finally been apprehended.

Stay tuned for a look back at Jimmy Lawson circa 1991 later today.


12 thoughts on “Slabbed updates the Jefferson Parish front: Redflex reveals more under the table payments. Wilkinson “Broke the Parish’s law””

  1. Hold on, I’m coming. Gotta take care of a few things this morning and then BAM! I’ll lay Wilkinson out on a Jefferson Parish slab. Fun fun fun ’til Daddy takes the T-Bird away.

  2. “The personnel board”?

    Who’s on that?

    Have you ever looked at who’s on Kenner’s “personnel board”? There’s a fun case from back a while when Judge Portesous heard a challenge to firings from Kenner’s police or fire department (or something similar in civil service). Looking back on it and considering the players involved it’s almost funny to have thought anyone could have ever considered that an impartial hearing.

  3. Once the abstract of Wilkinson’s private representation of 58 criminals (all while being the full time Parish Attorney) who he had deals cut for with the DA Connick and the 24th District Judges is made “public” this Federal investigation could take on proportions that no one would have ever imagined. Coming ASAP.

  4. ok here goes

    Just got in the certified documents of TIM COULON CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC from Red Stick.
    Sept 8, 1995 Corporate docs signed by Patricia LeBlanc and David Sherman as Directors; notarized by Steven E. Hayes

    Sept 13, 1995 filed with Sec of State and given Charter #34505814N

    April 7, 1997 Annual Report for period ending Dec 31, 1996 filed and adds DENNIS DIMARCO,DIR. and TOM WILKINSON at 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Harahan, Suites 1002 and 701 respectively; Dimarco is now Registrar of Voters; Wilkinson Parish Attorney; both used their Parish offices. Signed by Dave Sherman as Treasurer and Dennis Dimarco as Director

    April 9, 1998 Annual Report for period ending Dec 31, 1997 filed and Dennis Dimarco accepts appointment as registered agent, his signature notarized by Debra Gail Miller (Yenni). Dimarco and Wilkinson are listed as Directors, and both sign as Treasurer and Director respectively, using their Parish offices and phone numbers. Registered Office Address box shows change from Galleria address to 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd, Suite 1002, Harahan, La 70123. Yenni Building

    March 8, 1999 Annual Report for period ending Dec 31, 1998 filed and Debra Gail Miller Yenni notarizes Tim Whitmer’s signature as he accepts appointment as registered agent. Whitmer also listed as Treasurer. Wilkinson as Director. Both sign in those capacities using Parish phone numbers.

    March 3, 2000 Annual Report for period ending Dec 31, 1999 filed by Whitmer as Treasurer listing Wilkinson as Director and Whitmer’s Parish phone number both of their Parish offices addresses

    March 13, 2001 Annual Report for period ending Dec 31, 2000 filed. Whitmer as Treasurer. Wilkinson Director and using Parish office addresses and phone numbers. Both sign.

    August 24, 2001 Annual Report for period ending Sept 13, 2001 filed Whitmer Registered Agent and Wilkinson signs on as second Registered Agent and Debra Gail Miller (Yenni) notarizes. Both sign and use Parish office addresses and phone numbers., Whitmer as Treasurer and Wilkinson as Director.

    August 29, 2002 Annual Report for period ending Sept 13, 2002 Whitmer’s signature accepting appointment as Registered Agent notarized by Wilkinson; both still listed as Treasurer and Director respectively using Parish office addresses. Whitmer signs as Secretary.

    August21, 2003 Annual Report for period ending Sept 13, 2003 Whitmer signs; Wilkinson still listed as Director. Whitmer as Treasurer; both using Parish office addresses

    Sept 15, 2004 Annual Report for period ending Sept 13, 2004 filed ; no changes; Whitmer signs as treasurer still all using Parish office addresses and phone numbers

    Nothing for 2005

    Aug 15, 2006 for period ending Sept 13, 2006 : no changes, Whitmer signs ; both using Parish office addresses

    Oct 12, 2007 for period ending Sept 13, 2007: no changes except Tim Coulon signs as Candidate

    Nothing for 2008 or 2009 in package from Sec of State

    BUT: On Tim Coulon’s Campaign Report for Period Ending Dec 2008 Tom Wilkinson signed off on Jan 28, 2009 as Chairperson and as the Person Preparing Report; listing Parish office phone number and listing him as Chairperson . The filing date of the document is February 8, 2009.

    Pursuant to Jefferson Parish Charter and Code of Ordinances it is a PROHIBITED POLITICAL ACTIVITY for an unclassified employee to participate in any political activity specifically but not limited to being involved with a campaign. Code of Ordinances , II, Section 23. Go to, click on Muncipal Code on left hand column and go to Personnel ; Section 23. Penalty for violation is immediate discharge. Parish Attorney position is NOT an exempted position.

    Wilkinson must be immediately FIRED. Failure by the Administration to do so is at least Misfeasance if not Malfeasance. Failure by the Council to act is tantamount to political suicide.

    All the King’s horses and all the King’s men cannot put Humpty-Dumpty together again.

  5. Why thank you so much for your enthusiasm and ah am so pleased to have the Tuesday song.

    Sly being a good moniker for Wilkinson and the Family Stone(d) for his cohorts. More on Bert Smith and his musician days with THE COLD as the Parish turns. Stay tuned animal lovers. Geneologically speaking BERT is the former Animal Shelter Director turned Ass(t) COO under WHITMER. Still there too. Too bad for him. So glad for me.

    Watch Fox 8 report tonight about Villio’s prohibited political activities and how she ‘splains she violated Parish law “yes m’am” and would do it again and oh yes it was always alright because you just had to go to Wilkinson for permission/absolution. That is just the way it has been done all along. Sounds like anarchy to me: Don’t like the law? Do what you want and just get Wilkinson to say it is ok. I don’t like stopping at redlights so I guess I will just use the WILKINSON DEFENSE.

    Get some rest because I saddle up again in the AM and I AM ON FIRE.

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