BREAKING: Theriot curbs one Parish Attorney and is giving two others a looksie

Problem is folks, double-dealing Tom Wilkinson is not one of them. Richard Rainey has the scoop for the Times Picayune:

Six weeks into his job as interim president of Jefferson Parish government, Steve Theriot suspended one assistant parish attorney Tuesday and said he is examining the roles of two others who are former politicians.

Theriot said he placed Anne Marie Vandenweghe, who was in charge of public records requests, on paid administrative leave. He didn’t give a reason, calling it a personnel matter, and Vandenweghe would not comment.

Vandenweghe, who served on the Parish Council from 1992 to 1996, spearheaded efforts in recent months to make public records readily available to federal agents, lawyers, the news media and individuals as investigations into former Parish President Aaron Broussard’s administration picked up steam. She is paid $64,717 a year.

Besides being a head scratcher is anyone else struck by how these old political retreads manage to land back on the public payroll?


6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Theriot curbs one Parish Attorney and is giving two others a looksie”

  1. Ok folks I’ve been taken to task for observing that Ms Vandenweghe was a political retread and I am guilty as charged. The part of the story here that is the head scratcher is that nothing has been done about Wilkinson. Aside from my pot shot which I apologized for any offense it may have caused what is the deal here? If Anne Marie has been being curbed by Theriot for speaking out or doing what is right we want to make that known. Anyone wanting to contact us offblog should refer to our contact page for my addy or a form to contact Nowdy. Thanks.


  2. Uhhhhmmmm, here’s what confused me about this story: Hasn’t Vandenweghe been the one cooperating with the feds?

    Isn’t it Vandenweghe who has been turning everything over at Legal and regarding payroll?

    If *she did wrong, why can her *now and not the folks she is (rightly, I suppose, without knowing all the facts I admit) ratting on?

  3. Happy to see you realize AMVs part in this Crime-Busters story. Anne Marie is being burned at the stake by so many who know so little. She is a good human being trying to do the right thing. She is being martyred by the evil corrupt politicos. Everyone who knows her or has the opportunity should praise her for what she has done and encourage her to carry on.

  4. Lenny I am now convinced AMV is being railroaded out of there we just don’t know why yet. As she compiled all the public records requests she was certainly the point person that interfaced with the newspapers and TV stations and possibly even Letten’s office on the many subpoenas being served on the Parish. As bugs bunny would say something is screwy in St Louie and rest assured we won’t stop until we find out exactly what that is. Same goes for the other 2 that are under review by Theriot.

    Anyone willing to shed some light on this please contact us as directed above.


  5. Those who have done nothing wrong have nothing to fear…Block all of the exits and let’s see who cries for mercy or disbelief. Public servants should be held accountable for their actions with the public trust.

  6. Indeed my good men.

    ***Chirp chirp chirp********

    Do u hear the birdie??????
    Heed the birdie

    Theriot thinks he can silence the leaks by using a sledgehammer! My good men these fine Parish lawyers were slabbed over supposed internet activities. Perhaps even for getting a Slab. These are fine people my good mens unlike Theriot who is rumored to own a pair of boots used exclusively to perform twisted versions of a colonoscophy on his pet Chihuahua!

    That ain’t donut glaze on Tom Wilkinson’s chin!

    ***Chirp chirp chirp******



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