Slabbed ties in the Butt Call, Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation with the Louisiana ODC

Chuck Plattsmier and staff, chief disciplinary counsel for the Louisiana Supreme Court

Lets link this comment on Magistrate Wilkinson and the cesspool that exists in certain judicial chambers with Sock Puppet’s comment on the Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation and the inside fix at the Louisiana ODC along with a very early post we did on the subject problems with the Bayou Sorrell class action litigation.

Representing the paralegal in Bayou Sorrell is Donna Grodner who recently turned in LJ Hymel and plaintiff’s counsel Lewis Unglesby for conducting an ex parte communication. The Baton Rouge Business report used comments from a defense counsel in the same litigation to imply lawyer Donna Grodner had done something illegal capturing the inside job on tape while not commenting on the propriety of the ex parte communication.

Folks the corruption and dirty double-dealing knows no political boundary. With this stuff, especially the class action litigation ca$h is king. In this cesspool we clearly see what slabbed has reported for over 2 years: Just Us, not Justice.

Again I hate to bang on the media but a reader sent in this picture which describes the quality of reporting on this from the Times Picayune. You boys are getting dusted by two bloggers from Mississippi. You have certain trust problems with the bar over your way boys. I wonder why?

Slabbed reports you decide.


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  1. We’re getting a good bit of traffic today Whitmergate. Tomorrow these details will electrify the legal community as people return from the long Mardi Gras holiday.


  2. An update on comments I submitted under the very early post on the Bayou Sorrel litigation: I received a letter from the ODC just this weekend telling me they have dismissed the ethical conduct complaint I filed regarding Calvin Fayard. I will be appealing that decision.

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