Nowdy, our friend Amy over at United Policyholders has given Slabbed a promotion. :-)

Folks we’re honored to be listed on the main United Policyholders resource page. We’ve grown beyond just Katrina though we remain committed to getting every Katrina case home. Next up for me is Liberty Mutual where a fiduciary responsibiity is not in their WYO policy. Don’t take it from me though, just ask one of their former employees who has seen the Slab and linked us.


Slabbed ties in the Butt Call, Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation with the Louisiana ODC

Chuck Plattsmier and staff, chief disciplinary counsel for the Louisiana Supreme Court

Lets link this comment on Magistrate Wilkinson and the cesspool that exists in certain judicial chambers with Sock Puppet’s comment on the Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation and the inside fix at the Louisiana ODC along with a very early post we did on the subject problems with the Bayou Sorrell class action litigation.

Representing the paralegal in Bayou Sorrell is Donna Grodner who recently turned in LJ Hymel and plaintiff’s counsel Lewis Unglesby for conducting an ex parte communication. The Baton Rouge Business report used comments from a defense counsel in the same litigation to imply lawyer Donna Grodner had done something illegal capturing the inside job on tape while not commenting on the propriety of the ex parte communication.

Folks the corruption and dirty double-dealing knows no political boundary. With this stuff, especially the class action litigation ca$h is king. In this cesspool we clearly see what slabbed has reported for over 2 years: Just Us, not Justice. Continue reading “Slabbed ties in the Butt Call, Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation with the Louisiana ODC”

Nowdy and Sop tidy up the links – Whitmergate cleans house with tell-all transcript from November 17 hearing on impeachment of Federal Judge Tom Porteous

Blog-keeping is like having a second home and Sop and I have a “to do” list a mile long.  Today, I scratched off a few of the links we’ve had on the list for some time and we welcome to the linked list of Law three Mississippi law blogs: Will Bardwell’s Attorney at Blog; Phillip Thomas’ Mississippi Litigation Review; and law plus whatever he has on his mind, Thus Blogged Anderson.

Letter of Apology, How Appealing, the SCOTUS blog, Ernie the Attorney, and Main Justice – all long time favorites – are now linked, too!  Also added to the list of “links of interest” is American Zombie, a site Sop discovered recently.

Speaking of cleaning house, here’s the transcript from the November 17th Congressional Judiciary Committee relative to the impeachment of Federal Judge Tom Porteous– and here’s a big SLABBED thank you to Whitmergate! ( my thanks to Sop for getting it on SCRIBD).

[scribd id=27228819 key=key-2o807yqigze1hd1kdp95]

“Who Dat” Judge Martin Feldman – the 5th Circuit’s Opinion in Versai v Clarendon

Sop is fluent in Louisiana while I, on the other hand, know little more than I’ve learned from college football and Hurricane Katrina about the State – barely enough to recognize the name  Martin Feldman when I read the Fifth Circuit’s February 19, 2009 Opinion in Versai Management v Clarendon America Insurance Company et al.

Feldman is a Federal District Judge in the Eastern District of Louisiana with a biography so contrary to the Fifth’s reversal in part of his decisions in this care that I felt the need to know “who dat” this judge who made these decisions.  Is he the reportedly “Intelligent, Pompous, egotistical, pushy, arrogant, unfair, no empathy for poor people and workers who come before him, his heart is with business” or the scholar:

“… a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University, and an Honorary Master of the Bench of the Inner Temple Inn of Court, London. Judge Feldman is a member of the Advisory Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science…”[who]… “was a lecturer in Constitutional Law and war powers at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Public Administration…Princeton University’s Distinguished Visiting Jurist in the James Madison Program of American Ideals and Institutions…and has been a guest lecturer at Amherst College in constitutional interpretation and the philosophy of the Rule of Law”?

Whether he is both or either, Judge Feldman has been a familiar name to the members of the Firth Circuit since at least 1984  – the year the Fifth Circuit reversed his Decision in Louisiana World Exposition Inc v. R Logue because his “order did not dispose of all the matters before the District Court”. What matters more than many times Feldman’s decisions have been appealed since that first year following his appointment to the federal bench is what those decisions that have been reversed suggest about Judge Feldman. Continue reading ““Who Dat” Judge Martin Feldman – the 5th Circuit’s Opinion in Versai v Clarendon”