We’re asking for thoughts and prayers for our friend Editilla

We may know the sound of unbroken belief
with a bucket of seed and the pigeons beside us.
And we slide down the wet stones of the street
to a little cafe named for the goddess of flowers.
There the 8 Ball lines up with the Lucky 13
and Snake Eyes and Diamonds and Demons in Chains,
and the Angel waits for St Ann to begin
with her masque made of sorrow and her laugh made of sin.
So when I die…
please think of me down Royal Street
with a Brass Band and the 2nd Line beat
through the courtyards in the Marigny
and lay me down my soul to sleep.

May his body be mended.

We got your back brother.


10 thoughts on “We’re asking for thoughts and prayers for our friend Editilla”

  1. though I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Editilla, he certainly has all my prayers and thoughts – i can tell just by his writings what a great, wonderful person he is.


    P.S. Sop, you said “We got your back brother,” so I hope i’m right in assuming Editilla is a man…..man or woman though, my prayers and thoughts are still there!

  2. Well I’m not the kind to live in the past
    The years run too short and the days too fast
    The things you lean on are the things that don’t last
    Well it’s just now and then my line gets cast into these
    Time passages
    There’s something back there that you left behind
    Oh time passages
    Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight


  3. Awww thanks Y’all.
    Given this beautiful outpouring of best wishes, I have to say that you all will meet me one fine day sooner than later, due in no small measure to the constant monitoring of our fearless leaders of the slabbed, nowdy and sop. Good Heavens, Nowdy even has it down to specific arteries to pray for, while sop can’t seem to let a bad joke die. Of course, given their attention to details, we should not find this surprising when the clouds fly low over one of their denizens of the slabbernation.
    It is almost like sop handles Mind and nowducit handles Body.
    Anyway, it’s working thankz youz very much!
    And not only will you meet me but I promise to sing for you.

    It is my heart, this time. But there are other Crows in my Closet, evil that I’m yet not ready to give a name (Poe to speak). I can however feel one of them like a musket ball just below the back of my skull.

    Hence, (to quote Lincoln, another musket-balled Aquarian) it is all together fitting to find myself in such a place here on such a blog.
    I have never had insurance, don’t know any Agents, nor do I even talk to doctors at parties.
    But that does not mean I am incapable of facing my own DisEase, and it doesn’t mean I won’t seek formal medical help. It just means I am on the Pay-As-You-Go Plan so popularly bantered around in Washington now. It just means that I can’t see the efficacy of either Industry when it comes to Healing. The two concepts of Healing & Industry strike me like Oil and Water. I know that I am sick. But I also know that Statistically there is a better chance (upon contact) of Them Killing Me than of my dying from my own illness.
    You guys do these numbers on these pirates in your sleep.
    Tell me I’m wrong here.
    But know this, I’m not going to cash out on the Village of the Slabbed.

    And yes, Shirley, I am a man.
    Who else do you think could continue to slam their, ahem, tongue in a car door and still not ask for directions?

  4. Brother I know this is what I want to hear. I’ll keep working on the mind and I bet Nowdy can line up some help for the body. Main thing is you know we got your back and that the Slabbed nation cares.

    Can’t wait to meet you in the flesh and hear that guitar. 🙂


  5. Sure thing, in fact, I’ve already offered to “pray for arteries by name” – gotta be specific or the answer to your prayers may be nothing like what you had in mind. Guess “assurance” and “insurance” aren’t all that different in that regard.

  6. “gotta be specific or the answer to your prayers may be nothing like what you had in mind”

    Kinda like what happened to the policyholder’s bill of rights this legislative session.


  7. You’re right about that, Editilla – just wish I was a troubadour but, alas, I’m not and that makes me a you-know-what!

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