Walker grants State Farm’s Motion for Protective Order In Part – but part isn’t big enough to cover the Company’s a$$ in Rigsby qui tam

Magistrate Judge Walker’s Order Granting In Part Motion for Protective Order made short work of State Farm’s Motion.  By count, it was a tie on the four points –  one was granted, one denied, and two were split.  However, by what counted most, the Rigsby sisters were clearly the winners.   Take a look at the outcome and see if you don’t agree. If you need a refresher, State Farm’s Motion is linked in Qui Tam Olympics – the protection game: ex rel Rigsby v State Farm and the Relator’s opposition in response can be found in State Farm’s Protective Orders are Dispositive Motions in disguise – more games scheduled for the qui tam Olympics.

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A writ from a dishonest bitch is ditched: Slabbed updates Dufrene v. Gautreau Family, LLC, Gulf South Management and Lafayette Insurance Company

Last month I welcomed United Fire and Casualty’s CEO Randy Ramlo to Slabbed, exposing him as a charlatan that mislead his company’s investors. One of the cases I cited in that post was Dufrene where United Fire and their lawyers were caught red handed hiding salient coverages from the court and were severely sanctioned as a result. They have appealed the case and then the sanctions all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court and have pretty much been bitch slapped the entire way up the appeals ladder and deservedly so due to their bad conduct IMHO.

We’ve duly noted that the Louisiana Supreme Court did not see fit to waste any time with bitch Randy and his band of idiots with the publication of their hand down list released on Friday (listed near the bottom of the page). I can’t wait to see what whoppers management will tell explaining this in United Fire’s upcoming 10K.