About these repeated requests that I join Facebook

OK folks, for the umteenth time I’ve received an email from Facebook inviting me to join.  The last one was funny as it listed several people that did not invite me though I surmise they must have searched for my name because one of those listed as a potential friend was none other than my main man from Oxford Tom Freeland.  (Tom will have to ratchet that old-south planter’s mentality driven ego down a few notches for that to ever happen.)

I’ve resisted  both Facebook and Linkdin because I did not want to make it easy for State Farm or others with less than honorable intentions to conduct ye ol’ neighborhood canvass on yours truly. I have nothing to hide in the conduct of my personal life but I try to avoid mixing blogging and my personal life beyond Mrs Sop’s continued blessing to spend time on this endeavor.

So I’ll open the question to my readers. Do I connect or not? Email replies also welcome.


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