The Times Picayune updates Karen Parker’s firing. Trahan’s old position eliminated. Thomassie curbed.

Paul Rioux updated his breaking story we covered yesterday to include a few of the other non-paralegal paralegals that we profiled on last Thursday in our help wanted post. In this latest update we also find the Parish has decided it can get by with a few less non-paralegal paralegals as Paul explains:

The parish also eliminated part-time paralegal positions held by sports radio personality Ken Trahan and Jefferson Parish Constable Tony Thomassie; both actually worked in other departments.

Trahan, who resigned his $18,000 job Jan. 21, worked in the public information office and had worked with Broussard to establish the Saints Hall of Fame Museum in 1988. Trahan could not be reached for comment.

Thomassie, who was fired from his $15,000 paralegal job Friday, actually worked in the department of inspection and code enforcement. He declined to comment.

Folks the proverbial other shoes are dropping at an increasing rate. When the news broke yesterday of Karen Parker’s firing one of my readers emailed us the link with the observation “And the throat-slitting begins”. With this bunch of self-serving vipers running the Parish Government rest assured this won’t be the last of the blood-letting as the pols try to save their own hides.


The Times Picayune  has an editorial on this topic that is well worth the read. Here are a few snippets:

It seems that every week a new angle emerges in the mob scandal that was the administration of former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard. Residents surely hope federal investigators are taking note and expanding their probe of parish government as quickly as new revelations come up.

The impropriety du jour is the apparent use of a fake paralegal position to artificially boost the salary of Karen Parker, who until October was married to Mr. Broussard. Radio personality Ken Trahan and Parish Constable Tony Thomassie also were improperly paid as part-time paralegals, even though they worked in other parish departments.

The Times Picayune then makes an observation that our new commenter unslabbed expanded greatly upon just a few minutes ago in the role of Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson in this scandal as we continue:

Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson, who oversees the paralegals, did not return a message seeking comment Friday. Jefferson Parish residents, incensed by numerous improprieties uncovered in parish government, will have a hard time believing that no one in the parish attorney’s office and the administration was not aware of the improper arrangements involving the paralegal jobs.

This scandal not only provides mucho job security for Jim Letten but will provide fodder for the media for months to come.


8 thoughts on “The Times Picayune updates Karen Parker’s firing. Trahan’s old position eliminated. Thomassie curbed.”

  1. Where was Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson while these three were STEALTH PARALEGALS on his payroll ? Head of the Law Dept and he says and does nothing to stop this payroll fraud? He admitted he knew about Broussard and was ‘told’ she was on his payroll. If he suspected this was not right he of all people should have reported it. One oopsie-slipsie well maybe. But THREE illegals and he does nothing ? What is up with that? oh yeah Tom $$$$$$

    And what about his Deputy Peggy Barton? She was listed on the Organizational Chart for the Parish Attorney’s office as the Administrator with Parker-Broussard directly under her supervision as late as May 2009 , Then when Val Bracy asks for a copy of the Organizational Chart Barton revises it twice within days of the request and POOF suddently the box with Karen Parker Broussard is gone. HMMM.

    And why did Deano Bonano start playing hot potato with Barton when she fingered his Chief of Security Knopp as KPB’s supervisor? So many questions and so few answers.

    Anyone out there following the penalty phase of messing with public records?

    Hindering or attempting to hinder public access to public records is FELONY territory boys and girls.

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  3. I am referencing this post I just read concerning the Karen Parker Broussard article. It is unfortunate that the press usually fails to go the next step of inquiry, but I am grateful for their initial exposure of these corrupt shenanigans regardless.

    Posted by Lettenhaveit
    February 07, 2010, 10:13AM
    After reading the account of WILKINSON putting the x-wife of his good buddy BROUSSARD ( the same person he claims gave him $70,000 in raises over the last 34 months when it was most probably WHITMER who signed off on the raises )….ok, back to Karen being put under a bus going 2 miles an hour. What occurred to me was the similarity of events surrounding Debbie Villio’s resignation to run for Judge the first time and Karen’s resignation to campaign for BROUSSARD. Both Villio and Parker were employees of JEFFERSON PARISH ; both resigned to pursue political activities; upon their “re-hiring, both had there record of absence altered to Leave With Out Pay; and as a result of this “alteration”, both were able to claim continuous service, retroactively, so as not to interrupt benefit requirements (RETIREMENT). All this was done under the direction of WHITMER and the knowledge of WILKINSON. These two men created a criminal fiction to facilitate payroll fraud. CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES ARE PROHIBITED FROM TAKING A LWOP TO ENGAGE IN POLITICAL ACTIVITY. THIS PROHIBITION IS APPLICABLE TO OTHER EMPLOYEES AS WELL and is specifically set forth in the Personal Rules of Employment in Jefferson Parish. Period. No ands, ifs, or buts. WHITMER and WILKINSON and anyone else who conspired with them need to be held accountable in a court of law. Additionally, WILKINSON should be brought before the bar on an ethics complaint. WHITMER is gone and it way past time for WILKINSON to be fired or asked to resign. Come on THERIOT, do your job !

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