City Champ to the Hall of Fame

Lets divert from insurance and finance to football and one of my all time favorite players, Rickey Jackson aka City Champ. The Miami Herald has a story on Rickey today that is very good. Here is a snippet:

Standard issue football pants in the NFL come with pockets sewn inside the legs. That’s where the pads go. That’s where Rickey Jackson stuffed sponges.

Jackson played in the NFL for 15 years. He didn’t wear sponges the whole time. That would be crazy. No, usually, Jackson didn’t wear anything. The sponges just came in handy when he needed to trick the NFL in order to avoid a fine.

“Pads — I wasn’t about all that,” Jackson said. “The only time I wore pads was when the NFL made me.”

What were you about, Rickey?

“Hurting people,” Jackson said……..

Jackson wore shoulder pads designed for quarterbacks and receivers for most of his career. He never saw the point of wearing too many pads. They just slowed him. Pads were for the other people. The people Jackson hurt.

He learned how to hurt people at Pahokee High.

“That was our motto — try to hurt people,” Jackson said. “Be clean but knock the person out.”

Jackson was a three-year starter for Pahokee and graduated in 1977. He originally committed to the University of Miami but said Tony Dorsett recruited him away from South Florida and to Pittsburgh. Two years later, Jackson began a lifelong friendship with Dan Marino.

“Dan is like a brother to me,” Jackson said.

Jackson would like to join Marino in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He’s a finalist this year and hopes to be the first player from the New Orleans Saints and Palm Beach County to be inducted. He said his career is deserving of enshrinement, but being passed over doesn’t bother him as much as it once did.

Fans that want to support our City Champ can cast their Hall of Fame ballot here.


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  1. Don’t forget about when he demolished his face in that strange “auto accident.” He got a modified, reinforced face mask and played with broken bones in his face. 57 was the man. Thank God he got that ugly child support thing rectified.

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