A Bleg to the Slabbed Nation

I have a bleg that relates to yesterday’s post on Magistrate Carol Kiff releasing convict James Buisson from the pokey so the guy could attend the NFC Championship game. We’ve received email  inquiries asking how James Buisson was related to Chehardy Sherman spokesman/political consultant Greg Buisson with the gist being some think James is Greg’s son thus there may be more to the release than was first reported. We’ve sent out email inquires and I know this is a hot behind the scene’s topic in Jefferson Parish based on the chatter we’re hearing. We want to get this right so any authoritative clarification is most welcome. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “A Bleg to the Slabbed Nation”

  1. James Buisson is not the son of Greg Buisson, and IF he is even a relative it is a very distant relative. Greg has a son that is of high school age and has never been in any trouble.

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