One nasty email too many: Ashton is arrested for threatening court.

I’m told he was threatening some of his neighbors as well. When I spoke to him on the phone months ago he literally flew into a rage talking about his treatment after Katrina. The man is clearly very troubled and I hope he is able to get the help he needs. The Times Picayune has the story (H/t Slabbed Nation):

A disbarred New Orleans lawyer who gained notoriety after refusing to evacuate for Hurricane Katrina was arrested Friday night for allegedly sending an e-mail threatening the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in downtown New Orleans, the FBI said.

A criminal complaint charged Ashton O’Dwyer Jr., 62, of violating the law when he sent an email to the court saying, in part, “Given the recent ‘security breach’ at 500 Poydras Street, a number of scoundrels might be at risk if I DO become homicidal.”

The “breach” apparently referred to an incident last week in which three people entered the New Orleans office of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in the Hale Boggs Building on Poydras under false pretenses.

The FBI arrested O’Dwyer in the 6000 block of St. Charles Avenue and found a loaded handgun in his possession at the time, said Sheila Thorne, FBI spokeswoman. Officials held him after his initial court appearance Saturday, and a detention hearing is scheduled today.

We’ll be following this.


8 thoughts on “One nasty email too many: Ashton is arrested for threatening court.”

  1. Just an observation, most people from New Orleans have a deeply ingrained traditional belief. To an outsider it’s like revenge but a lot worse. It’s really simple though. It’s based on this. Never do to anyone what you wouldn’t want done to you. And that’s it, except it becomes a moral imperative to share any pain caused or suffered at the hands of anotheras a matter and tool of furture pervention.

    These charges made on Mr. Ashton and the reason it nears his probation period and unfinshed court affairs. Well. As I’ve tried to explain to others the state agencies of the F.B.I to my knowledge guard the actions of state officals regardless their whatever involvements regarding citizens as opposed to the politicians.

    I’m not a know it all, but. The e-mail says help. The lack of F.B.I action against alleged crimes against Ashton, says maybe he can push back. {Where the hell are the F.B.I.} The gun says I’m getting desperate and believe your abuse will continue, and his remark on localtion says if he does go off he feels he could change the furture by sharing his pain.

    Where it comes to the claimed federal agency not abiding to the constitution over protection of some crooked politiican. It’s your call. hppt://

  2. Well put, Robert. However I was asking this same question after the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, and Waco for that matter. I have asked it over and over since 9/11.
    Where were the G-Men?

    But that really hasn’t got anything to do with Crazy Armed Fuckers.
    They gonna fuck you every time. Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn how much help they need.
    If we aren’t going to close Gitmo, then send these crazy fuckers there to be with their own kind. If we aren’t going to do that, then at least we can take away their weapons and put them in a room with red crayons until they calm down, much as they threatened to do with me 3 weeks after the flood when I was screaming at a check-out line in Memphis “You fucking people are crazy! They’re gonna kill us all! Don’t you see this? Bush doesn’t give a Fuck! Can’t you all see this???? It’s right THERE ON THE FUCKING TV!” Fortunately, or not, the guards seemed to have run across this sort of behavior already, I noticed as they escorted me out the door and off the property at gun point no lie. Good thing I had not drawn my blades…yet. They also later removed the TV from the check-out line. Memphis was still reeling from MILLIONS of us, 4 States worth of evacuees coming to town.
    The whole country was starting to dive deeper into the notion that our Nation was losing the Mind of our Body Politic.
    Sooo, I’ve got Ashton’s Anger.
    Editilla used to be a psychopath and now we are a blogger.

  3. “the email says help”

    I agree but I’m also convinced Ashton needs in patient mental health treatment. Speaking for ourselves Robert we did alot to try to help and Ashton repaid what we did by calling my blog partner Nowdy “a cunt” and worse because she wouldn’t author enough posts about him. The man, who by all accounts had some problems before the storm simply uncorked after the beating he recieved at the hands of the NOPD in Spetember 2005. The fact that his life was a case study of being on the in until Katrina did not help him garner much sympathy from the general public either. And calling USEDC Judges “blue gum niggers” and worse via email didn’t help matters either.

    Unlike some other blogs I’m not interested in piling on Ashton’s problems. Having witnessed the mental breakdown of an old classmate after Katrina I have a perspective there that colored how we treated Ashton. Like my buddy it will take a stretch in the hospital and proper medication to do him some good. I personally can’t get any jollies ripping on the mentally ill.

    In Ashton’s case this outcome was inevitable. Lets hope something positive results from it.


  4. Thanks Editilla. I firmly believe there is hope for everyone, well most everyone anyway.

    I could make a career publishing Ashton’s poison missives (which he faithfully copied us on) to the Picayune, the courts and other lawyers.

    As Nowdy would say, systems are resistant to change, sometimes violently resistant. That is not the case here. With several deadly, very questionable police shootings after Katrina in NOLA still not addressed, in the scheme of things what happened to Ashton was tame by contrast. That doesn’t justify it but justice should not be singular or limited to wealthy uptown lawyers.


  5. These are some great comments. As I think I’ve stated to Sop and nowdy in private regarding O’Dwyer, sometimes assholery is just assholery, even it is superimposed on mental illness.

    My upbringing was quite different than O’Dwyer’s. I take no joy in seeing this happen to him, but few could argue he got something he did not deserve.

  6. I think Ashton’s frustration with the “system” and lack of resposiveness has clouded his judgment to the point he has become psychotic. There have been many times over the last 5 years I have become so infuriated with the Louisiana judiciary, particularly the Eastern District’s failure to follow the law, that I have to catch myself, take a step back and roll with it. We as attorneys cannot function and in fact, serve no function if judges will not follow the law. My mantra has always been “I am fine with losing as long as I can look my client(s) in the eye and explain why we lost”. Too many times recently I find myself at a loss for words when trying to explain decisions.

    In sum, I somewhat understand Ashton’s anger, but of course do not agree with the way he expressed the anger.

  7. There is no need of a judicial system if it can pick and choose what law if any it will follow.

    If any of my learned friends can explain the reason for not following the law on local flood control projects 33 CFR 208.10 and if not followed is that considered malfeasence please respond!

    If this one law had been followed this city would not have suffered nearly as much damage. Check out the requirements for operation and maintenance on all aspects of this type of project and the associated Department of Army Engeering Regulations & Manuals which cite this as a reference to them this area would probably have passed through Katrina no worse than any other hurricane.

    The pump stations, their operators, working floor level, antiquity, no frontal protection, un-monitored channels for erosion, inadequate levee & floodwall heights, inadequate positive cutoffs for discharge pipes, etc are all covered in the law and Regulation/manuals for a project such as this.

    Unfortunately Ashton was presented with this information and it destroyed him that no one cared!!

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