7 thoughts on “Justice can wait: The Saints, a nominated federal judge and the Superbowl”

  1. I don’t believe that this order real. First of all, it wasn’t stamped by the clerk of court after the judge signed it and filed it into the record (unless it was cut off of the bottom of the order) and I called the clerk and they have no record of any order signed by Judge Bagneris on the 27th. She was kind enough to check their data system but I didn’t have the heart to ask the girl to pull the record and read the orders to me. Feel free to do so if you are so inclined but I think this is a joke.

  2. We can only pray that Judge Bagneris will be confirmed.

    The non-sense or stench emanating from the Eastern District the last 5 years would not have been coming from his court.

  3. He seems like a good sport with a sense of humor on top of great qualifications – hope he also has patience as Obama moves very slowly.

  4. The public’s reaction is almost universally positive judging from the comments left here and on the T-P. I suspect before it is done Judge Bagneris will get some national exposure too. This order spread like wildfire via email.

    This entire Superbowl thing is a wonderful experience.


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