Stupid is as stupid does. Slabbed welcomes Angela Rouse of the Kansas City Star.

Lava Creek Tuff: Previous Yellowstone eruption


Actually sweetie the Mississippi Coast is a case study in hazard mitigation should you care enough to learn about the subject that you write. The commenter to the column that pointed out the risks of midwestern tornadoes and the New Madrid fault line to Angela failed to point out Kansas City would be rendered uninhabitable should the Supervolcano at Yellowstone blow its top

So if we can all agree there is no such place as “perfect” maybe we can build a good solution. After all right tail catastrophes do not discriminate via geography. 

sop with a tip of the hat to Editilla.

2 thoughts on “Stupid is as stupid does. Slabbed welcomes Angela Rouse of the Kansas City Star.”

  1. Actually, SOP, she makes some good points. While I agree with YOU that no place is immune from risk of catastrophic events, I also agree with HER that, too often, people knowingly and willing build their homes in places where it is not a matter of “if” but “when” that catastrophe will occur. To compare the almost guaranteed risk of coastal hurricane damage or California landslides to a theoretical but highly unlikely risk of an eruption at Yellowstone is really just a little silly.

    If you live on the coast, you should be responsible enough to build ONLY on high ground and use hurricane resistant construction. That won’t stop the storms but it WILL reduce the amount of damage resulting from them and will help save lives. However, if YOU CHOSE to throw caution to the wind and build your house of glass on pilings out in the Gulf of Mexico, you should not expect ANY subsidy of ANY sort, be it for your insurance premiums or a FEMA trailer when a storm washes your house away. You should fully expect to pay (without griping about it) every penny of the actuarily sound cost of insuring your high-risk property and, you should have alternative (and self-funded) living arrangements already in place for yourself when the time comes.

    I don’t have any problem AT ALL paying my fair share of taxes to fund catastrophe relief efforts for events that happen in spite of our best efforts to prevent them, avoid them or reduce their impact. But, why should I have to subsidize the insurance costs on mansions overlooking the gulf of Mexico (and blocking MY view of it, by the way) when no one is subsidizing the cost of insurance on MY modest little home and all I get to look at is the pond across the street?

  2. I think that misses the point Lynda since more frequent perils like them pesky tornados also impact that area. Did the government pay for those high end houses that went down the hill? And if not then it really isn’t any of Angela’s business.

    My perspective is that Angela and people like her live in some sort of fantasy world where they have deluded themselves into thinking a natural disaster will never impact them. That typically results in some sort of pollyanna column such as the one I linked.

    Additionally we’re big fans of mitigation here on Slabbed as in the concept lies the best long term solutions. We don’t need to be filling in marshlands and building houses, just like we need responsible development in low lying areas protected by levees. People will always live with these type perils so long as society has an economic interest in the area.

    But before Angela goes casting stones at NOLA she better be looking in the mirror up in KC.


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