On the road to the NFC Championship game Peter Finney finds the Broke Spoke

Pete must have had some of Stevie’s white lightning out of the back because he slaughtered a few of the names in his otherwise entertaining piece. Like I said I can’t explain the attraction other than to simply accept that Hancock County’s most famous beer bar has become a cultural phenomenon in a positive way. The commenters to Finney’s column don’t get it as a group though one obviously did.

Great story, awesome place. Fell off a bar stool once there.

Here is a snippet of the Finney’s column:

Steve Haas is wearing a Viking purple shirt in the midst of, let’s call it, roadhouse decor.

There are pool tables, a wooden stove, and a sign that says, “Green Bay City Limits, Population 96,466.”

Hanging from the ceiling are fishing lures, T-shirts, baseball caps and bras, many of them autographed.

“We weren’t upset about Brett switching teams, ” Haas said. “We would have liked to see him go back to Green Bay, but Green Bay didn’t want him, and that’s fine. I figured, when he went to the Jets, he was going to be there a year, then try to get to Minnesota.”

Haas smiles.

“Now look what we have. A no-lose situation.”

For Stevie Haas, Brett Favre Inc has truly been a no-lose proposition. I suspect the place will be rocking Sunday evening.


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