This is what happens after Bararck Obama became more interested in the brand than sticking with the message.

Yep we supported you but dude you lost us. Ed Liddy, AIG Bonuses, that lying sack of shit Tim Geithner and the retreads like Laurence Summers guaranteed it. How ironic that it is Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat that will derail health care reform. Meantime if Mr Prez wants to find out what he can do to get things back on track he need look no further than the bluedogs in his own party.

But some in the party warned that the Democratic Congress was on the brink of a mistake that could cost lawmakers dearly.

Representative Gene Taylor, a conservative Mississippi Democrat and opponent of the health plan, said its nearly $1 trillion cost and the lack of widespread public enthusiasm for it adds up to a political miscalculation.

“Why in the heck are we spending that amount of money for something the American people don’t want?” asked Mr. Taylor, who said the Democratic situation reminded him of the climate before the Republican takeover of the House in 1994. “I was here for 1994, and I know what ugly looks like.”

Barack Obama forgot who elected him.


6 thoughts on “This is what happens after Bararck Obama became more interested in the brand than sticking with the message.”

  1. Sop, he didn’t forget about you folks. He was never thinking about you, but he is just a good “snake oil” salesman. He is a leftist idealogue who is only interested in his agenda Chicago style.

    After what happened in MA he and his cronies had better start lestening to solid voices like Mr. Taylor’s.

  2. Based on his peformance Sup I can’t dispute anything you said. I remember speaking with someone who does not always vote but made a point of going to the polls in 2008 thinking the vote would make a difference. To paraphrase the same person circa late 2009 we were snookered again.

    The Republicans are no better which is why the “pitch” has become so extreme between the two in the elections since the early 90’s.

    In a way, it is not fair to the lady but it is also equally true that Desir

  3. Sop, now don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel!
    Given that I started hocking this loogy back when he came to New Orleans to pee down our legs and tell us it was Katrina, and (but for my rocks of slabbages) many thought I was speaking harshly… still I must disagree with Supsalemgr in that for me, His’O’ner sounded much more like a sort of Ridly Scott Elmer Gantry Android Replicant replete with faux yankee-to-southern accent and that Little Tiny Tim Gary Coleman Kid he had ask the last of only 7 questions at his fabled Q&A. Whew!
    I joke now because it really hurts. The Dems never NEVER see the bad boyz coming, Never.
    They are fucking idiots.

  4. Editilla I am holding on to some links from the Huff Po that will make you want to hunt Geithner down like a dirty dog. It was he as head of the NY Fed than told AIG to pay 100% of notional on those worthless derivative guarantees and it was he who ordered the coverup. So while he was before the Senate confirmation hearings claiming ignorance it was he who orchestrated the entire sorry affair.

    In todays day and age people can see who is making off like bandits – I personally can’t recall when Goldman Sachs was given the keys to the US Treasury but it happened before Clinton was inaugurated. If the people don’t put a stop to this when that bunch is done the taxpayers will be stuck with all the debt and we’ll only think that times were bad in 2009 because we’ll really know better as we’ll know the feeling of true insolvency.

    As to health care if that bunch in DC are true free market types they’ll repeal that unamerican anti trust exemption given to insurers and we can let the free markets deliver us health care efficiently without spending a trillion dollars we don’t have that does nothing but enrich the same bunch that made a mess of our system to begin with.


  5. I am one insurance guy that feels the anti-trust exemption should be removed. If it will allow carriers to cross state lines I am for it, especially in Health Insurance. The potential negative consequence is it may reduce the number of smaller carriers and allow the major players to become larger. It will cut both ways.

    Let me retiterate, in all my years in the industry I have not been aware of what one might call “collusion”.

  6. Don’t be surprised if some of your industry associates say, “et tu Sup?” 🙂

    When one examines the facts with a critical eye I would argue the conclusion is inescapable.


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