The Times Picayune retracts their reporting on Aaron Broussard’s alleged ownership of Trout Point Lodge

H/T to a reader. The problem the Picyaune has IMHO is they correctly tied several players together but stepped out a bit in identifying former Jefferson Parish President Broussard as an owner of that specific piece of property in Nova Scotia. As I think we demonstrated Mr Broussard has ties to the area but ties does not an owner make. Here is the Picayune’s retraction on this matter:

The Times-Picayune has referenced Trout Point Lodge in some of the stories published in print and online since Jan. 6 regarding an ethics complaint against former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard claiming that he owns a Nova Scotia vacation lodge that he rented to parish contractors.

The newspaper retracts publication identifying Aaron Broussard as having an ownership interest in Trout Point Lodge; asserting Trout Point Lodge was rented to Jefferson Parish contractors; indicating that Roy D’Aquila has any part in Trout Point Lodge ownership or management; indicating that Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services has any ownership or management relationship with Trout Point Lodge; and identifying a photo of the lodge online as “Broussard-lodge.jpg.” The Times-Picayune apologizes for publishing this material.

There all better now right? We’ll not really.