Speaking of the cultural phenomenon that is the Broke Spoke

The best kind of pub is the free kind. Looks like Stevie and Mabel will have a good crowd this Sunday.  Hey Shirley, our own Steve can get you the VIP pass.


10 thoughts on “Speaking of the cultural phenomenon that is the Broke Spoke”

  1. Great story on that link, Sop. Wonder just how early one needs to get to the Broke Spoke this week?

  2. Sop: That was a great story and, no doubt, every word of it is true! I”m taking it you guys sure know how to PARTY! I can’t wait to visit some day! Let’s just say I’m making it one of my 2010 “priority goals in the making.”

    P.S. This is off the subject, BUT, i responded to WFM’s blog today as follows and wanted to share it with “yall” (ha ha):

    I almost have no comment because I’m sitting here thinking about some poor child buried underneath rubble in Haiti – probably dead by now – and do you think his/her parents were concerned with insurance, net worth, the haves and the have nots? I think not. Before anybody was/is a “have,” they were most likely a “have not,” except, of course, those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Those poor children in Haiti (or, hey, those here in our own back yard – Tampa, FL, Katrina land, and other miserable cities where our own citizens are victims of misery and near death as well) just want to survive, live and be happy – not “pester” the government for more or anything really – just the right to be live and eat daily.

    We are all fortunate to be sitting here reading the MLG blog and commenting on it – very fortunate – and wealthy in that regard – indeed!


    P.S.S. Hey Nowdy! Been thinking about you, but also busy w/my new job, new semester, my 13 y.o. son, my dwarf hamster, my Jack Russell Terrier, MLG Blog, SLABBED, etc., et al. !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the email and for letting Ben know we profiled his work. I think the fact he enjoyed his visit with the crew at the Broke Spoke shows through in his article.

    WLOX profiled Dolly’s yesterday which gives a good local flavor and the video embedded on Al’s print story is quite good.


    As an aside Shirley the Kiln was famous nationally during prohibition for its moonshine. Old habits die hard. Here is another profile on the Broke Spoke from ESPN. (Wright Thompson spells the pronunciation phonetically.


    In the parking lot before lunch Sunday, Deanna Favre’s distant cousin calls me over to his Dodge pickup. He reaches inside and pulls out a plastic milk jug of the famous Kiln moonshine. White Lightning. He grins. “It’ll run this diesel,” he says.

    It’s game day in “The Kill.” There is a country-boy ballet going on: icing down about 180 cases of beer, opening 22 pounds of chicken gizzards, chopping up the sausage and the onions, getting the roux into the pot for the gumbo. There is a gallon of that homemade liquor in the office. They’ll need it later. “Every Sunday at halftime,” owner Stevie Haas says, “we pass out shots of moonshine, and we call a friend in Wisconsin and do a shot over the phone.”

    Nowdy notice in your youtube embed Brett turns his hat before he cuts up. Add a bit of whitelightening and some of Brett’s old crony’s and when the hats begin turning you know something stupid is fixing to occur and it will be side splitting funny.


  4. Really the Broke Spoke missed it’s first chance to become famous. A film crew showed up one day wanting to make a movie about some city slickers from Atlanta who have a weekend from hell in a small town in the South. Seems after one night the film crew decided the Kiln was a bit to backwards and scary for the film… Or so the rumor goes. The movie went on to be a hit.


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