3 thoughts on “Could we have asked for a better matchup?”

  1. This is going to get serious CRUNK!
    I’m a pretty big Bret fan. Indeed, outside of Our New Orleans Saints, Bret is one of the only other pro players I pay any attention to, with of course the Manning boyz.
    I have really been enjoying his play since returning, expecially that Twacking he gave the Packers in their own stadium, but it didn’t dawn on me until our glorious victory Sat in the Sacredome that… Bret my be a more than a chicken in the road on Our March To Glory.
    After his STYLEE Thwacking of the Packers in the midst of extremely resentful Cheezeheads, I really don’t think the Who’dat Nation is prepared for his unbelievably high threshold for pain?
    I mean, Bret knows how to handle a stadium full of people who wished him dead on the spot preferably before their own eyes. That was the Packers/Vikings.
    Bret can handle the pressure.
    But so can Drew.

    I bet this game garners the most viewers of any except the SB this year.
    What a match-up.
    So yeah, Bret Farve is my Mr Nice Guy, but he can still go to Hell and stay there –at least until Sunday.

  2. I don’t want my boy Bret to go to Hell OK?
    I’m jus’keep thinking of his momma reading this…
    How about Oxford? Bret could go to Oxford, yeah… or, I don’t know…
    the Krewe du Vieux Parade? YEAH!
    He’d Never make it away from That 2nd Line!
    Ok so there, Bret will get caught up in the Krewe du Vieux Parade on Saturday… Oh Damn!
    It’s the Next week! D’OH! Ohhhhhh whadda we gonna do?!?
    He wants that Ring badder than Frodo.
    But so do we so do weeeeee WHO’DAT?

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