How about a bit more Jefferson Parish Lagniappe? DA Paul Connick’s office tied to the ongoing corruption scandal

Now folks does anyone seriously think these type shenanigans could happen if the local DA wasn’t alseep at the switch or perhaps even profiting from mutually beneficial business relationships? Our sources are telling us we’ll be hearing more about Paul Connick. Meantime lets check in with Richard Raineyat the Times Picayune for the latest:

Lagniappe Industries, the private insurance company of former Jefferson Parish chief administrator Tim Whitmer, not only paid former parish presidents Aaron Broussard and Tim Coulon for work but also paid an employee of the district attorney’s office, which is assisting federal authorities in their Lagniappe investigation.

Ronnie Burke, executive assistant to District Attorney Paul Connick Jr., made $600 monthly from Lagniappe, according to newly released records. His brother is Gary Burke, whose B&A Insurance split commissions with Lagniappe on a West Jefferson Medical Center policy even though B&A’s contract with the hospital banned commission splitting. Ronnie Burke’s nephew is Sean Burke, an aide to Parish Council Chairman John Young.

Payroll records show Lagniappe paid Ronnie Burke from January 2007 through July 2008. They do not reflect Burke’s duties for the brokerage.

They also show that Broussard made $7,000 from Lagniappe — $2,000 more than he previously disclosed.

Connick said Dec. 17 that his office was assisting federal authorities in the investigation. “Anything we get is automatically shared with them,” he said Tuesday, while adding that he had not examined the new records identifying Burke.

Burke told Connick after a reporter’s call Tuesday that he did insurance work for Lagniappe Industries on a Kenner municipal insurance policy, Connick said. Whitmer, in an e-mail message Tuesday night, agreed, saying: “The payments Ronnie Burke received from Lagniappe (were) associated with the Kenner account only.”

Right guys, keep them lies straight now hear. I rather suspect Mr Connick is wondering which show will drop next. Stay tuned.

Hey Sup we’re going to need some popcorn for this. Trust me this is gonna make that McCarty-State Farm stuff in Florida look tame.


15 thoughts on “How about a bit more Jefferson Parish Lagniappe? DA Paul Connick’s office tied to the ongoing corruption scandal”

  1. Lagniappe industries. How funny. Nova Scotia. What are these guys the Creole Mafia? Code words used that everyone local knows but nobody outside the city has even heard of. Then using the money to reestablish their cultural heritage. Returning to the land their ancestors were expelled from not as servants but as kings. This reads like an epic novel which I would name FEAR OF CREOLE NATION.

    It is really amazing the impact culture has upon one’s life. I have always felt the corrpution one finds in areas like Louisiana are social mechanisms designed to retain one’s culture while existing in a larger socially oppressive WASP society. The WASP norms being that wasp members run the Nation and all other social groups are inferior to the wasp clan. Areas which do not pay homage to the wasp clan are targeted for special FBI treatment. The wasp clan has historically used the FBI to gain social advantage over these other social groups.

    After the civil war the Louisiana legislature stopped printing it’s meetings in French. Prior to the war the records of the Legislature were printed in English and French. Why? If the war had gone the other way would the Louisiana Legislature have dropped french from it’s chambers? No it would not have. Part of impact of the Civil War was to break the back of regional cultural differences like we enjoy in South Louisiana. But this forces a disconnect between the local and broader culture which is being played out in the current drama in Jefferson Parrish.

    South Louisiana has the most beautiful culture in our Nation. It is the only assimilative culture our Nation has that I know of. As much as I hate corrpution, I hate oppression even more. Jury nullifation is a real risk for anyone presecuting the local social system which preserves the areas culture from a dominate oppressive force. IE I hate corruption but if the cost of honesty is to become a WASP white wash society well lets say South Louisiana has always choosen which option?

    What is needed is a conscious effort to retain the Creole culture while assimilating to the broader society from a base of strength not isolation enforced by absolute social corrpution. Do you know how hard it is to be an honest person who works in South Louisiana? Do you know what it feels like to be black mailed all your life by some ass wipe who’s only goal is to make money for nothing. Who’s only goal in life is to get inbetween all social and economic discourse, not to add value to society but to stick sleasy hands in the pockets of everyone or to ensure those who try to remain honest are labels as crooks. We will only replace the actors,not the system,if we don’t address adopt more positive cultural retention norms which reject corruption as an option to cultural retention.

  2. Steve I couldn’t agree with you more. Also. As a child I was told the story of how my great, great grand-dad owned countless acres of land and swamp in terrbonne which was taken by fraud after he refused to sell. I’m certain there’s something to this as my cousin became an attorney in Washington a few years back over Indian affairs. Although nothing more was done or said about it, all that oil money no doubt effects to going on’s of the deep south regarding culture as well.

    Being defrauded through the generations we have met our share of ass wipes. Believe me I know.

  3. I’m not familar with land grabs for oil in Terrebonne Parish but it wouldn’t surprise me. My best friend’s mom finally got some money for the oil royalties the Perez boys fraudulently looted from the landowners there. The Wiki entry on the history of the Parish and the Perez brothers is weak IMHO because it focuses on the racial problems. (down south that was everywhere back in those days) The land grabs are what make the pols from the delta areas of south Louisiana so notorious to those with ties to the area.


  4. Memory has it. The Hooper family from up North came down to live in Dulac and ran a missionary which became a commuinty center. All sorts of activities were pay for by unknown means, including uniforms and all the trimmings for my beloved troop 351. Many meetings were had back then regarding what became known as the Indian money. It’s this money which is supposed to have come from the oil of family land grab.

    Addmittingly I offten wondered about the like of concern over the purchase’s by my friends who worked or ran the center Like hot rod parts, Motocycles and the use of commuinty vehicles etc. In my teens I was payed to go to school to learn auto machanics. Nice pay for a 14 year old. I recall going to a few meetings with my grandparents. Anyway a lot of folks are still in wait to claims on this “Indian Money” from what I understand.

  5. You just did Popeye. Connick is not the kind of guy who will throw himself under the bus. And from what I hear if you don’t tow the line he’ll make certain you’re crushed. Just ask former Judge Joan Benge.


  6. SOP. You don’t know how right you are. Been there done that. RB did not go to the bathroom without asking PC. The RB I know, and love, is a wonderful person, loyal to a fault.

    HC is a major player in the JPDA and is sending in his old guard from NO to run the office in Jeff. (HC – The Feds missed him once years ago.) Just check and see. One in particular hopes to have PC’s blessing when he goes for judge soon. This climate will probably trash that issue. I certainly hope so!

    “I love you, but I will miss you”. Quote from the main man himself to several who questioned his decision on one incoming from HC .

  7. Exactly Popeye. I personally don’t think it is a good idea that the DA moonlight as judge maker. If I was Jim Letten I wouldn’t be sharing too much downstream.


  8. Hey Popeye and Sydney:

    If you don’t like the guy quit. but if you were going to run for judge wouldn’t you want the District Attorney supporting you? Unless it is Eddie Jordan.

    And the feds did not miss HC. They had nothing. They knew they had nothing. It all happened because US Atty Volz was p.o.’ed at HC. In fact it was reported that the Grand Jury was not going to indict until Volz came in and took over from his assistant Morris Reed, and brow beat them into indicting.

  9. I can’t quit because I’m not there.

    No DA should have their hooks into judges who are suppose to be judging citizens fairly. That is exactly the case each and every time any DA endorses a judge.

    You are living in a vacuum out there LAWYER and you obviously work for the Connick System sometimes known as the Great Octapus.

    It is like two wolves and a lamb trying to decide what is for dinner.

    They should not be able to use their offices to taint the court. Innocent until proven guilty without the political touch is what we need.

  10. By the way LAWYER, you sound as if you have been very very very close to HC over the years. Think I know who you are!

    Hopefully, all of this can be put to bed soon. The people of Jefferson deserve more.

    You also seem to understand the power of a DA, or as in your example, a US Attorney. You make my case sir! You support my position exactly with the HC case. See how, in your opinion, VOLZ mis-used his power with HC, from a position of maybe hate or personal dislike. Think of it as a case of turning the tables.

    They all do the same with their judges too.

    He had the facts, but maybe too few to act as he did. He was probably right with the wrong motives.

    The power always corrupts both the DA and the judge, when they own each other.

    Never elect a judge who has the endorsement of a DA.

  11. Popeye–sorry about the delay. DART was the system HC used to keep track of each case pending at Tulane and Broad. It worked unless the ADA decided to fudge a bit to cya. lol. DART used a code to identify the ADA handling the file. If John Smith was the ADA, his code would be JSMI. get it?

    However, although i generally agree with what you are saying, I like TMCE and would support him if he ran for judge.

    speaking of d.a. endorsements, Judge Leon should probably not make any others any time soon. his horse in the mayor’s race didn’t win, place OR show. Billy Schultz is going to have to work overtime to patch up relations between his office and Baby Moon.

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