Breaking News – Bossier v State Farm fully and finally settled

TEXT ONLY ORDER finding as moot [198] Motion to Alter Judgment; finding as moot [200] Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law; finding as moot [200] Motion for New Trial; finding as moot [204] Motion for Taxation of Costs; finding as moot [210] Motion to Review; and finding as moot [213] Motion to Review.

All motions are rendered moot in light of the announcement by counsel for the parties that this cause of action has been fully and finally settled. NO FURTHER WRITTEN ORDER SHALL ISSUE.

Signed by District Judge L. T. Senter, Jr., on January 12, 2010.

That’s the ballgame! No details available.

One thought on “Breaking News – Bossier v State Farm fully and finally settled”

  1. It is hard to get around a jury verdict on the finding of facts. Thats said Team State Farm legal knew they had dog with parts of the verdict, especially the extracontractual damages portion.

    Nowdy you may rememebr once we exchanged comments on whether Flood Insurance was salient to a lawsuit trying to collect for wind damage. I think Bossier’s outcome illustrates my heartburn with that more than anything else. It is clear chasing that rabbit distracted the jury to the point where State Farm was not sanctioned for a clear act of bad faith in the 3 years they delayed paying the Bossiers for the out building.

    You may remember I spoke with a litigator who is also very knowable as a jury consultant while this case was ongoing. While the outcome was certainly terrible for the Bossiers it hopefully provided the bar down here was a few lessons learned, the major one being not bringing in policy coverages that do not apply to the case at hand.

    You can’t avoid the topic of flood in most of these cases. But that doesn’t mean you have to introduce the scheme to a jury when trying an individual case.

    All that said congratulations to the Bossiers for resolving this case.


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