About Aaron Broussard’s purported ownership of Trout Point Lodge (Updated)

Ok folks I’m sitting on around 10 posts worth of tips without alot of time to publish anything but I saw the Times Picayune ran a correction to yesterday’s story that dealt with former Jefferson parish President Aaron Broussard’s reported ownership in a Nova Scotia luxury vacation lodge that he allegedly rented to parish venders. Let’s start with the correction:

A photo caption in some Thursday editions of The Times-Picayune said that former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard owns a stake in a luxury development centered around Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia. An accompanying story quoted Bennett Powell, owner of a Metairie insurance claims adjusting firm that does business with Jefferson Parish, as saying that Broussard’s property was Trout Point Lodge. Charles Leary, managing director of Trout Point, said Broussard has no “ownership or management involvement with Trout Point Lodge, Limited.” Corporate records in Canada do not list Broussard as an officer of Trout Point Lodge Limited.

Fair enough but if that is the case then why are so many folks in Jefferson Parish publicly making these allegations against Broussard? Yet according to the original story linked above a gentleman named Charles Leary told Times Picayune reporter Richard Rainey:

…..Broussard, “does not and has never had any ownership or management involvement with Trout Point Lodge, Limited.” The message went on to say Broussard owns a “vacation home on the same road.”

That may be but Mr Broussard is quite the active part time resident if that is the case. It is also clear that Mssrs. Broussard and Leary are acquainted. Being a curious soul I noted Mr Leary had an email addy listed on that Billy Hills Trail Society page. Wondering what foodvacation.com was all about I ran the domain through Sam Spade and surprisingly ended up in Costa Rica.

I’m told Raphael is the kind of guy who looks before he leaps. Broussard may not own Trout Point but then again I’m not used to seeing such an international twist to owning a simple vacation house. Stay tuned.


It seems Mr Leary was so proud of his association with Mr Broussard on the Billy Hill Trail Society Board they broke the link faster than an insurance comapny denied their wind claims post Katrina. Those wanting to see what I linked above that documented Broussard’s association with Mr Leary in Nova Scotia should click here.

Update: 2-6-10

The google cache cleared out the page as well but luckily for the slabbed nation I also saved the page as a web archive which you can view by clicking here.


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  1. It didn’t take long for a reader to explain the Costa Rican connection to Mr Leary. Turns out he owns a resort there was well along with a couple of politically connected current current and former Jeff Parish residents that I will not name at this time. There is also reportedly another resort in Spain. Who knew Jeff Parish politics was so lucrative?


  2. To: The Owners of SLABBED: Yes, this is all very “interesting”, particularly because Broussard and Whitmer failed to ensure that the Jefferson Parish pumping stations complied with the provisions of 33 C.F.R. 208.10 pre-KATRINA, and then shut down the pumps, and sent the pump workers away, at the very time that they were needed “most”. For nthis they should be hung by their thumbs, and I don’t care if its in the Parish, in Nova Scotia, or “where ever”. But what I’m “more” interested in than AAron and Tim, who are currently “under the microscope”, and who will be exposed eventually by people with more “wherewithal” than SLABBED (the “Lame-Stream Media” is really “interested in Jefferson Parish), is the exposure of the “close personal friendship” of long-standing between Federal Judge Stanwood R. Duval, Jr. and plaintiff lawyer Calvin C. Fayard, Jr. If SLABBED were to expose the details of this relationship, then perhaps the LSM would pick-up on it. Tell me something I don’t already know, SLABBED. Thank you.

  3. I could tell you several things you don’t know on this unfolding saga but that would spoil the fun.

    As far as the media picking up on Duvall and Fayard you already gave them the info and they ignored it. Man that letter you sent the publisher of the T-P was wayyyyyy over the top. And calling Judge Lemelle a blue gum nigger bastard certainly did not endear you to the justice crowd. Further even if we could post a picture of Calvin Fayard’s scalp showing 3 sixes and prove his daddy was a jackel it still wouldn’t gain any traction as you have so poisoned that well. I am certain we can do nothing on our end to change that state of affairs.

    Of this I am certain, the public has an appetite for this story. And since for whatever reason those close to the hive have chosen us to whisper sweet nothings to I intend to make some hay while the sun shines.


  4. O.K. Fair enough. But it was the Editor of “the Times-Pick-Your-Nose”, who graduated with me from Jesuit High School in 1965, and who “became” a conscientious objector and draft-dodger in 1969, as he was about to lose his student deferment. The Publisher and I are the same age and share the same first name. As for Lemelle, he is where he is today ONLY by virtue of his skin color. No white man as LAZY, STUPID and CORRUPT as he is would ever have been confirmed by Congress. And if anyone thinks that anything I say or do is “over the top”, then let them DO something about it. I live at 6034 St.Charles Ave. N.O., La. 70118, between State and Webster Streets, river-side. P.S. I WILL put Lemelle in the Federal Penitentiary before this is all over. That’s a PROMISE.

  5. To SOP: P.P.S. After Lemelle, that BGNB, suspended me for 5 years, disbarred me and entered a Default Judgment against me for over $150,000 what would you have expected me to do, turn the other cheek? My “love-note” to him was “Private and Confidential” and “man-to-man”. HE’S the one who made it public, and he hasn’t even tried to “DO” anything about it, that BGNB and gutless dog.

  6. It’s the content stupid…

    The ink age is for dinosaurs. For those who know how to read the internet much can be gleened from it. For example. George Bush and the GOP take down Trent Lott on the internet. He returns the favor and takes down Bush, Speaker Hastlet and the GOP all via the net. Net Bush and his brand of GOP leadership take out Lott—this time for good. It is all on the net you just have to know how to read it and how to find the CONTENT. The self-destruction of the GOP is all on the net. The format is not the power, it is the content. He who rules the content and has the balls to run the content rules the day. Others are put out to pasture. Jumping from one form to the other is great but not necessary to do something like destroy Trent Lott not once but twice. Or for Trent to destroy the sector of the GOP IE Bush Family sector. Mainstream media really has not been able to adapt to decoding and jumping the real events which are occuring right out in the open on the net. If they did the news they run would be rich enough in content to keep them alive…

  7. Stick with us Ashton as that little birdie that’s been chirping in our ears wasn’t whistling dixie. Now we have the DA in the mix and trust me it gets better from there.


  8. Ok, I cannot believe that no one mentions the Fox 8 Live video of the interview by Val Bracy with Aaron Broussard.

    She NAILED him on Nova Scotia and she also got into other issues.

    THE NEXT MORNING HE WAS OUT. Ms. Bracy deserves an award of some kind.

    Enjoy, this is some of the best local journalism you will ever see.

    For some reason Ch. 8’s video is very non user friendly. So you have to go to videos, here:

    Then you have to search “Broussard” and then you need to click on the link called “Extended Aaron Broussard interview”


  9. Sobieski I’ve modified your comment to include the link location. WordPress is particular in which vids it will take and Fox 8’s format is evidently not supported. It is a 10 minute interview that is well worth the watch. Thanks.


  10. “Something’s wrong” here, Guys. I’ve now looked at both references and there is NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of “the Trout Lodge” in Nova Scotia. I already have “chastised” the conscientious objector and bed-pan-emptier, The Editor of “The Times-Pick-Your-Nose”, Jim Amoss, for throwing his , Messers. Rainey and Rioux, under-the -bus, when the facts are not fully known, and when the scoundrels that are “in the crosshairs”, particularly Broussard, are notoriously DISHONEST.

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