Like everyone else we’ve got one eye peeled on the happenings in Jefferson Parish

We’ve been hearing some interesting things offline. Is it possible the investigation into Hubbard is related to Whitmer’s problems and now Parish President Broussard’s sudden resignation.

Jefferon Parish political circles are buzzing with rumors indictments are forthcoming. Such reasoning is not a stretch IMO.

I don’t know how much we’ll cover on this but we’re certainly keeping an eye on this unfolding political corrpution saga.


3 thoughts on “Like everyone else we’ve got one eye peeled on the happenings in Jefferson Parish”

  1. I NEVER have understood how the voters of Jefferson Parish (where I grew up, in “Southport” – my Daddy “Mickey” O’Dwyer was a “Jefferson Parish gambler and racketeer”, remember?) re-elected this piece of human “jetsom”, Broussard. He and Whitmer single-handedly caused more damage to the citizens of Jefferson Parish than the “Corpse” of Engineers. As to his resignation I say: “Good riddance to bad rubbish”, and I will be “watching” for what the Feds do in terms of convening a Grand Jury. Rumor has it that the FBI has been in Broussard’s and the Parish offices since before the New Year.

  2. We’ve been following American Zombie since that punk ass NOLA city attorney tried to strong arm him. He is spot on.

    We’ve been leaked certain documents that may show a connection between Hubbard’s daliance with the feds and Whitmer’s and Broussard’s invite to the dance. We are still trying to verify a few things thus we’ve not posted on it.

    As far as chocolate guy rumor has it he received his target letter some time ago. I can understand why the feds want to keep the ball squeeze on Meffert before eating the M&M.

    Jefferson Parish has always been a cesspool for corruption, but the folks in NOLA have always gotten the ink. Methinks the times they are a changin’…….


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