Let’s talk consumers, public perceptions and insurance. Allow me to introduce our Kingsway readers to the Slabbed Nation

Yeah I know it must hurt some of y’all reading my post that introduced Kingsway Financial Services to our readers and probably less consolation that the average Slabbed reader is very well heeled representing the cream of retail P&C insurance, their lawyers, offshore reinsurers, consumer lawyers and our political establishment. I also suspect some of ya’ll are still scratching your heads wondering what a blog from Soggy  Bottom Mississippi is doing covering the world of insurance (Lynda and I haven’t finished chatting as of the date and time of the composition of this post so please feel free to join that conversation too) and high finance. Well wonder no more, just thank Ed Rust, Ed Liddy, Jerry Jurgensen and their hatchet men as we come from a strange world where drywall seems to cost more when the claim was adjusted on the taxpayer dime. We know you are out there as our site traffic has bumped up a good bit since that first Kingsway post.

So rather than highlight the reported Kingsway “Nigerian” Free Prize scam, I’d decided to take a stab at stimulating a conversation on why the general public distrusts financial services companies in general and (down here) outright despise certain socially deviant insurers.

So pull up a chair as Nowdy and I don’t bite (well Nowdy doesn’t bite anyway) and lets talk.


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