Sizzlin’ Hot Ticket! Lets get it on with dem ‘boyz.

I guarantee you the party has already started in N’awlins. The NFL Network alone is reason enough to have Direct TV. Most folks in Jackson County are SOL watching the game at home on cable. Meantime the tickets to the show are pretty pricy:

Courtesy of Nowdy / Slabbed

Officials from StubHub and TicketCity both said tickets have sold for higher prices than any other Saints game in their companies’ history – including both of the Saints’ home playoff games this decade – with average ticket prices of more than $300…….

In fact, it’s the highest rated NFL game ever recorded on the NFL Ticket Exchange’s “Buzz Index,” which measures traffic, demand, sales and value. It’s not clear when the “Buzz Index” began tracking ticket demand, but the league’s ticket exchange program started four years ago.

The Saints should break their own record next month, however, when they host one or two playoff games in the Superdome. Both Joellen Ferrer, the corporate communications manager for StubHub, and Randy Cohen, the CEO of TicketCity, said early orders for Saints playoff tickets are already higher than Saturday’s game.

I’m open to the possibility we blow the Cowboys out. And yeah Editilla dem Saints cheer everyone up. Nowdy made the graphic just for you.


5 thoughts on “Sizzlin’ Hot Ticket! Lets get it on with dem ‘boyz.”

  1. Aaaawww Doucy! You totally nailed my eyes!
    I had to steal that one, but we hung it right next to the slabbed’dats…
    slabber’dats? slabbedats! that’s it!
    I couldn’t believe the pic name
    piss on dem boys!

  2. I still believe Editilla. We get Greer and Ellis back healthy and the legion of walking wounded healed and we’ll be ready to kick some ass in the playoffs. IMHO our Super Bowl dreams ride not on the arm of Drew Brees but on Sedrick Ellis’ knee.


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