The Rocks bring home the gold (Updated)

the Rockachaws stormed onto the field, with Williams hoisting the state championship trophy surrounded by grown men moved to tears by the team’s accomplishment.

Jim Mashek not only tells the story of the Rocks kicking down the championship door yesterday in Jackson, he traces the roots of Dylan Favre’s football success but not to his famous Uncle Brett.  Instead Jim accurately gives the credit to “Big Irv” Irvin Favre, former coach at Hancock County High School and a man who commanded mucho respect in football circles from the Pros on down.

the Rockachaws had to make plays on defense. Lafayette County has some serious quicks. The Commodores have some terrific athletes.

But St. Stanislaus was clearly the better team. If the Rocks had played Lafayette County 10 times, they’d have won nine of ‘em, and this clearly wasn’t going to be the Commodores’ night. Continue reading “The Rocks bring home the gold (Updated)”