7 thoughts on “Saturday Music: Dedicated to Alan Lange, Tom Dawson, Geoff Pender and of course Lecky King”

  1. This is my favorite: Special for Sop and Nowdy:

    We replied with three follow-up questions:

    Our intent is never to maliciously or intentionally post information that is wrong. To make sure we are understanding one another before we make any editorial changes, we have three follow-up questions based on your email:

    [1.] So what you are saying is that you and Dawson didn’t discuss the possibility of writing a book last year at the Ole Miss football game, correct?

    [2.] When did you and Dawson begin discussing the possibility of writing a book and what date did you both agree to proceed with the project?

    [3.] In addition, are you saying unequivocally that Dawson never planned, outlined, or wrote any part of the book while serving as an AUSA or paid consultant for the USA?

    What was Lange’s reply?

    “I don’t answer questions from people I don’t know.”

    Wait a minute? Didn’t Lange contact us? So, we replied:

    You certainly answered our emails before. Now that we wanted to [understand] the whole truth, you don’t answer questions. We do not know you either.

    So what is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God?

    Tom Dawson has an ethical and moral responsibility to the U.S. Department of Justice and citizens of the Northern District of Mississippi to answer those three questions. Dawson and company should be prepared for the most intrusive investigation of prosecutorial misconduct in recent times.

  2. Thanks, Belle. I plan to read the book. In fact, I thought I’d have it read by now; but, it’s been slow going getting trees up and I can’t start anything until I finish – otherwise, I won’t be ready for Christmas.

  3. You’re welcome, Nowdy. I don’t plan on reading the book. I normally don’t have a problem with my blood pressure but I am willing to bet that this book would send it through the roof. I am going to wait for Curtis Wilkie’s book. He’s a real journalist and writer of history.

  4. I must be the “designated reader” with both you and Sop out. I read until I got to the Rigsby chapter and called it a night – your point about “blood pressure” well taken!

  5. Did you see where Sid Salter used his review to bash Hood? LOL! He should re-name his blog — Sid Salter the Hood Basher

  6. From a public relations standpoint Jim Hood represents low hanging fruit Belle. He should have never gone before the C-L editorial board commenting on Scruggs. I forget if he was ever able to get wiretapping authority from the legislature. The feds never would have busted Scruggs bribing Lackey without it.


  7. I don’t remember what his comments were but Sid has been on the same Hood attack for two election terms. I don’t think he got the wiretap authority.

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