The early reviews on Alan Lange’s new book Kings of Tort are coming in

One can only hope Alan and his sidekick Tom Dawson have thick hides because the early reviews are not good. For the record folks Lecky King is a woman (though she does bear a striking resemblance to Mrs Doubtfire) and the first mass State Farm settlement was not Woullard, it was MacFarland. Woullard was the proposed class action suit that never got off the ground.


WLOX gives the State Farm rate hike another editorial try. Sponsored by the Mississippi Coast State Farm Agents

Poor ol’ Dave looks like he tires of being Ed Rust’s bottom beetch. If it is possible this WLOX Op-ed is worse than the one they ran back in August.

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Speaking of Allstate, Anyone else remember Desir

Nowdy wrote the post on Team Obama hiring New Orleans native Desirée Rogers as his social secretary. Little did we know that we didn’t need an inaugural invite.

Our good friend and former Allstate employee Sup, told us she was a lightweight in the comments to Nowdy’s post. He was spot on. I hope she enjoyed the party at the White House as it looks to be her last.


Allstate cancels thousands of policies in coastal Alabama

Jeff Amy should be proud. His story was picked up by the AP and posted to the Yahoo Allstate summary page. We’ll link his report at the Mobile Press Register directly:

Allstate Corp. and Alfa Mutual group will cumulatively drop wind coverage on 14,000 homeowner policies in Mobile and Baldwin counties over the next 18 months, Alabama Insurance Commissioner Jim Ridling said Tuesday.

The cuts will affect as many as 7 percent of all homeowners in the two counties.

The moves are another jolt to Alabama’s ailing coastal insurance market. Since 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, Allstate, Alfa and State Farm Fire and Casualty have said they would drop wind coverage or all coverage on nearly 41,000 policies, according to Press-Register counts.

Alfa spokesman Jeff Helms said models show his Montgomery-based firm has too much money at risk if a hurricane hits Alabama.

“This is something we needed to do to make sure Alfa could continue to serve its policyholders and pay claims statewide.” Helms said of the decision to cut wind coverage from 5,000 policies.

Allstate, the state’s No. 3 property insurer, is withdrawing in reaction to state regulators’ refusal to allow it to raise rates as high as it wants to pay for reinsurance, said Ridling and Shane Robinson, spokesman for the Northbrook, Ill.-based company. Continue reading “Allstate cancels thousands of policies in coastal Alabama”

Jim Brown Reviews Sarah Palin

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Did you actually read Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rouge? Sure it’s a national best seller. I had no plans to buy it. Nothing against Sarah. I really liked the Newsweek cover with Sarah in her jogging shorts. (She’s running-probably for President. Get it?) I wasn’t planning to shell out $28.99 to have Sarah talk me through a moose stew, but a friend gave me the book. So over a quiet Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I plowed through the numerous unique insights of this controversial lady.

First of all it was no surprise that Sarah didn’t actually write the book. Few celebrities do these days. Writing a book of personal experiences is a long and drawn out labor of love. I know well from my own undertaking. The breezy Palin memoir was written by former Bush speech writer Lynn Vincent, but there are still enough “you betchas” in the book to give the lady’s special Alaska flavor.

Wanting to read all the juicy tidbits first, I immediately went to the index to get an idea of what Palin listed as being of particular importance. But surprise! There is no index in the book. So no choice for me but to wade on through. I did make a few page number notations so I could share with you, my loyal readers, some of the more relevant parts of the book. Key words that should wet your appetite for more.

First, a stop on page 102 is a “must read” just for the lyrical prose. Here’s a tid bit: “As the soles of my shoes hit the soft ground, I pushed past tall cottonwood trees in a euphoric cadence, and meandered through willow branches that the moose munched on.” Hemingway would have been impressed.

There were questions during the campaign of Palin’s reading habits. Who can forget her non answer when Katie Couric asked her what she liked to read. She cleared up any uncertainty by listing such titles as cookbooks (p. 15), Reader’s Digest (P.15), Sports Illustrated (P. 27), The Wonderful World of Oz (p. 16), and, my favorite, Ranger Rick (p. 27). Continue reading “Jim Brown Reviews Sarah Palin”