A few random football links

From the Bay and the Rocks, not only did Dylan Favre and company beat the snot out of Greene County their quest for a first ever state football championship actually began a year ago watching D’Iberville get horsewhipped by Noxubee County in last year’s 4A title game. Of course Dylan couldn’t be shattering all the state passing records without a good O-line.

From the Saints front Jeff Duncan at the Times Picayune does a great job on film study from the Monday night game, which almost set a new Cable TV ratings record. Monday night was no fluke, Tom Benson had 3 Archbishops and 6 priests say mass before the game. (The reader comments are priceless).

If you want a scouting report on the ‘Skins, Nakia Hogan has a good one for the Times Picayune. Finally if you want to see how loud the Dome gets when it is rockin’ click Dan Swenson’s graphic we’ve embedded.


4 thoughts on “A few random football links”

  1. I love the Saints, but Tom Benson is the scum of the earth. He flaunts his phoney catholicism as if it, like his millions, will get him somewhere in the end. All of these clergymen posing for photos with him on the field before the game was repulsive. The man made his fortune ripping off people in the car business, then he tried to abandon the city and move the team after Katrina. The Who Dat Sock Puppet does not forget treason.

  2. Little Sop wants a Blackberry for Christmas.

    True dat about Benson.

    The Sun Herald sports front page has another article on SSC today. Between the Saints and the Rocks there are lots of smiling faces in Bay-Waveland this week.


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