Breaking News: LA Supreme Court denied Judge Benge’s request for rehearing

The Louisiana Supreme Court has denied Judge Joan Benge’s request to rehear their decision to remove her from the 24th Judicial District Court in Gretna for her handling of a civil case.

The Times Picayune broke the story.

Benge, who was accused of ruling in a civil case based on relationships instead of the evidence, had asked the state’s high court to reconsider their decision, saying that a six-month unpaid suspension was in order.

Supreme Court spokeswoman Valerie Willard said that Benge’s removal is effective immediately, and the court is in the process of determining a replacement. While she could not provide a timeline on the replacement process, she believes it will happen quickly.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: LA Supreme Court denied Judge Benge’s request for rehearing”

  1. Well its a start. Justice without the family friends relation or in this case favors and a little more common sense.

  2. I guess she can look all of them in the eye and say, “Well, you won’t have Joan Benge to ‘kick around’ anymore.” She brought this on herself by making stupid statements, which came back to haunt her, over a tapped telephone wire (never reveal “secrets” on the telephone) to her “mentor”, a self-admitted judicial “crook”, Bodenheimer (lay down with digs and one catches fleas). Plus, she got caught in the politics of New Orleans (It’s always “all about race”), and the fact that the last 3 Judges who have been removed from the Bench in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area have all been Negros. The Louseyanna Supreme Court isn’t racist, you know! They remove white female Judges from the Bench, too! And now my observation and question(s): The Louseyanna Supreme Court Chief “Injustice”, Catherine D. Kimball, is a criminal and a hypocrite, and she belongs in jail. I aver that she conspired with Former Louseyanna Attorney General Charles Foti, the Louseyanna State Police, and her “pimp”, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, who works for Kimball, for the State Police to execute a criminal gangland-style “hit” on me at my home on St. Charles Avenue at 5 minutes past midnight on 9/20/05, the feigned pretext being “public intoxication” on my own property. Twelve hours earlier I had filed the first “Victims of KATRINA” lawsuit against the United States, the State and the Governor, among others. After I was taken into custody and transported to the Union Passenger Terminal (Camp Amtrak), a bunch of “goons” from Angola brutalized me by pepper-spraying me 30 to 40 times, and shooting me in both thighs, repeatedly (8 to 12 times), at point blank range with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds. The owners of SLABBED have photographs of my wounds and copies of my medical records. The goons who brutalized me, and those who gave them their “marching orders” made one mistake, which may prove to be “fatal” to them (figuratively, not literally): They allowed me to be released alive after 16 1/2 hours in custody, and they failed to kill me and dispose of my body. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THESE CRIMINALS, INCLUDING KIMBALL IN PARTICULAR, ARE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! So, my question: Who investigates the “investigators”? The Louisiana Judiciary Commission closed its investigation concerning my allegations against Kimball without taking any action. Louseyanna Chief “Injustice” Catherine D. Kimball, who authored the Benge decision is both a criminal and a hypocrite, who is unworthy of her office. Who investigates HER? The above and foregoing statements are made under penalty of perjury. I DARE Kimball, Foti and or the Chief Disciplinary Counsel to sue me for defamation. COME ON; MAKE MY DAY!

  3. She got what she deserved. I wonder if it is a coincidence that two of the lawyers who were seeking to file an amicus curiae brief also have admitted to giving Tom Porteous cash? Also strange that one of the wannabe amicus lawyers’ main clients is State Farm, the very litigant Benge screwed with her decision in the Demma case.

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