Shirley gives Sop, Bam Bam and Nowdy the night off!

In 1985, I went to work for an attorney who had just left a defense firm.  He opened a solo office, started doing personal injury work, but his real love was insurance law – FOR THE PEOPLE.  And that’s the type of law I was involved in for 20 years – on the Plaintiff’s side.

As I look back, I see how fortunate I was to learn a new area of the law; not just the insurance first-party property type, but the bad faith aspect of it as well.  That part amazed me and it still does.  If it did not, I would never have discovered SLABBED.

Anyway, learning that an insurance company could get punished for not “playing fairly”and have to pay for their misdeeds was much more exciting than putting together a soft tissue, PI case for a “demand package” that’s worth Five-dollars ($5.00).

As every reader of SLABBED (and non-reader residents, friends, etc.) in your region knows, there is nothing more sacred than your home.  Or your business.  Or your possessions.  All along you think you’re fine,  you’re covered because YOU’VE GOT INSURANCE!

And then (think like Emeril) BAM! here comes Katrina (nasty lady) and she wipes you out.  You make a claim and you DON’T GET PAID.  You think, maybe I didn’t fill the forms out right, let me double-check them.  No, that’s not it, let me call the adjuster and see what’s going on.  Wait now, the adjuster is not calling me back. That adjuster was all over me after the loss, but now that I think back on it, I haven’t talked to that adjuster since I gave him/her that recorded statement!  BAM again!

Now the insured sees the real meaning of INSURANCE.  It’s coverage alright – but for who?  For you when it’s agreeable to the “Company” to pay you what they want to pay you and, again, when they want to pay – IF THEY WANT TO PAY YOU.

Now it’s a real shame that the insured has to (usually) get the phone book out and find an “insurance attorney” (whom they probably did not even knew existed prior to the claim denial) and get a babysitter, take time off work, park, walk in the lawyer’s office and hire/pay them to help obtain insurance proceeds (benefits) that should have been paid out a LONG TIME AGO WITHOUT A FIGHT AND WITHOUT HAVING TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY!

After working 23 years as a legal secretary wearing many hats, SLABBED reader Shirley Heflin
is now a college senior and soon to be graduate with a degree in psychology.  SLABBED appreciates Shirley’s interest in giving the three of us a night off and her guest post in response to our standing offer to readers.

2 thoughts on “Shirley gives Sop, Bam Bam and Nowdy the night off!”

  1. Maybe Shirley can help the rest of us with some “stuff” on the Internet, attempting to “explain” Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s TERRORISM because he was suffering from a condition which psychiatrists call “overvalued ideas” a/k/a “idee’ fixe”. I haven’t yet had the time to look up the term in “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual”, in part to see if it’s even included, but I did find an excellent article which appeared in The Weekly Standard on 12/10/2001, entitled: A Psychiatrist Looks at Terrorism”, authored by Dr. Paul R. McHugh, University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry abd Behavorial Science at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I think we’re all in “trouble”, because the only way to stop those with “overvalued ideas” is to stop them, and to punish them, before they act. Otherwise, their behavior will continue. Any thoughts, Shirley?

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