While today’s Bossier verdict is still a rumor, chew on this!

If you read A Private Matter, a Public Court, you’ll know how deeply troubled I am by the injustice in our system of justice.  I’m even more concerned after reading a comment reporting:

Unconfirmed, but I’m hearing it was a defense verdict today. No punitives, no extracontractuals.

Once again, I ask: Where is the law that prohibits Judge Walker from allowing State Farm to run out the clock and run up the tab on plaintiffsbossier-timeline3

In early August, the 10th in fact, SLABBED posted a timeline of Guice’s five-month effort to compel discovery in Expedite is a plaintiff’s turtle and an insurer’s hare.

Slabbed also reported Bossiers’ counsel was still fighting the discovery battle two week’s before trial – Bossier challenges State Farm’s round tuit approach to compliance with Court’s Order – Trial begins in 2 weeks!

Out of respect for the chair, or in this case the bench, I held my tongue typing finger over the most telling Order of all SLABBED reported: Judge Walker sorta sanctions St. Farm – issues parking ticket in Bossier v State Farm.

I repeat, there was no justice, kindness or humility in Judge Walker’s orders nor any excuse for his conduct of the pre-trial discovery in Bossier…Give juries the evidence needed to make just decisions. Open court so that open court is a reality and not a lofty ideal.

One thought on “While today’s Bossier verdict is still a rumor, chew on this!”

  1. This happened repeatedly to us in Katrina litigation.

    There is only one magistrate in the Eastern District who would not stand for this— Joseph Wilkinson, Jr. Like him (I do) or hate him (I know lawyers that do) he follows the rules to a “T” and would never have allowed this to stand.

    Just another reason why the federal judiciary in La. and to an extent, Ms., is a sewer. As a plaintiff you cannot get a fair shot and what’s worse, the courts offer no redress for this type of behavior.

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