Breaking: One by one the North Mississippi “railroad” house of card comes tumbling down

Not defending the attempted fee stripping of John Jones but Mr Jones won’t be taking anything extra from the innocent.

We find that the trial court had the discretionary authority to impose sanctions against SKG based upon the acts of a single partner that occurred in the ordinary course of business of SKG. However, we conclude that the trial court erred by finding that Richard Scruggs’s misconduct occurred in the ordinary course of SKG business.

The Sun Herald wasted no time putting up the news flash from the A/P. Glad to see the Mississippi Supreme Court is more energetic than certain lazy circuit court judges that let certain blogs write their legal rulings for them.

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs involvement in a judicial bribery scandal had nothing to do with a fees dispute involving Hurricane Katrina insurance cases, the Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled.

Alright then guys, break out the time records and divvy up the money, this foolishness has gone on long enough.

Where does Jim Hood go to reclaim his reputation?


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  1. Well, reading this opinion, and what follows it, requires a bit of “thought” in order to understand the issues and how and why the majority rules as they did, and why there are two (2) “Wait a minute(s)!”. The readers of SLABBED have to focus on Barrett, Lovelace and Nutt, and ask themselves: “What did these Members of the SKG know, and when did they know it?” Unfortunately, the “Mississloppy Sooprime Cou’t” didn’t have the benefit of Dickie’s or Tim’s or Ed’s or … sworn testimony. I wonder if the Feds might look at this decision and ask themselves whether anyone else should be indicted, and whether any “cooperating witness” agreement might have been violated. Focus on the $40,000 payment to Judge Lackey and how it was reported to the SKG for reimbursement. AROD’s BOTTOM LINE: There’s enough SHIT, PISS and CORRUPTION in Mississippi to fill a cesspool, maybe a reservoir. This was a “result-oriented” decision, which smacks of corruption at the highest levels of the Mississippi judiciary. Sometimes wrong, but never in doubt, AROD.

  2. Actually Ashton you can get one side of the “facts” when you read Alan’s upcoming book. If you surf the book’s website you’ll find several links to reference material that will catch you up. As such your comment bashing the MSSC is bullshit and I’m calling it.

    I’ll shortcut part of it for you and reveal something that has never been published on Scruggs/SKG. The overwhelming majority of informed Scruggs commenters/observers will tell you Mr Nutt is the baddest apple after Dick in that venture. Nutt was the money man (also known in polite accounting circles as Treasurer) and it was Nutt’s CPA Bill Jones who ran the accounting.

    Nutt was the money behind Steve Patterson when he ran for and was elected State Auditor (in Mississippi the pols consider that office a vital stepping stone to becoming Gov) and inflicted Bill Jones as Patterson’s #2 in the agency. I’ve seen all the State Auditors up close and personal since Mabus and Patterson was the worst hands down and Jones was a big part of the reason. Simply put they did their best to dismantle the department no doubt with an eye towards the future. After Patterson had to resign his office at OSA in disgrace Jones had Nutt to fall back on and the rest is history until Katrina and the formation of SKG.

    Nutt is also hecto-millionaire no doubt aided by his share of the tobacco settlement. I don’t hold that against him though because he took ri$ks to get in and was likely not part of any rumored inside fix in that litigation. I’m also told he also made a fortune in asbestos.

    It was Patterson who introduced PL Blake to Nutt. Freeland is Blake’s lawyer and it was Blake that holds the key to a lot of dirt including some on our current Veep which is why I’ve posited that Joe Biden is a crook.

    As for the other two Barrett and Lovelace I could be brutally honest and detail their foibles but I won’t since we all have them and no evidence has been presented that they knew anything about what Scruggs was doing with Lackey. Barrett is also known as a fine litigator.

    Patterson is a first class bullshit artist who has good people skills but brings absolutely no substance to the party or as one of my clients would say “mighty holla”.

    Somebody better clue in Freeland because I may blog on his client.



  3. Just a slightly different perspective…but more on that later. We’re in total agreement on the MSSC (sorry Ashton)

    I was pouring over the SKG joint venture agreement when Sop and I first met… the MSSC Supreme Court made the only decision possible given the terms of the contract (something in the water in N Miss must cause minds to narrow).

    What we need to be taking about is how to make things right. Judge Coleman’s decision relied on Duggins and his application of Duggins/Order was the basis for Judge Senter’s subsequent disqualification of not just the attorney/members of the SKG venture group but the attorneys working in these firms, people who used the same restroom they did – or so I recall Sop saying.

    It wouldn’t hurt to have a word or two about the reading comprehension skills of Jones or his attorney Tollison as the dispute resolutions of the agreement are plainly written and clearly evident.

  4. Hey, Guys! Sorry I struck a “nerve”. But I’m looking at the result “objectively”, without knowing any of the MSCJ’s personally, and without having any of them on a pedestal. The Court allowed some “rich” and “powerful” people to “skate” and return to “GO!”. And in doing so apparently IGNORED the “red flag” identified by two of their Brethern, namely the $40,000 paid to Judge Lackey. And they not only IGNORED the red flag, they made gratuitious “findings of fact” about what Nutt, et al, knew or didn’t know, WITHOUT ANY TESTIMONY FROM NUTT, et al, AND WITHOUT ANY TESTIMONY FROM THE “other” MEMBERS OF THE CONSPIRACY, who are currently doing “hard time”, and are under one or more agreemants to “cooperate”. Sorry, Guys, but we seem to be navigating with different “moral compasses”. That MSC decision is a “whitewash” and a cover-up, and some kind of pay-back, and it STINKS.

  5. You looked at nothing objectively Ashton because you did not know the background. This case involved a partner in SKG that knew nothing about what Scruggs was doing. No nerve struck Ashton just calling your bullshit.


  6. I know I’ve mentioned this before on SLABBED, but, if you haven’t, you really should read John Grisham’s “The Appeal.”

    Here’s an excerpt:

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