Breaking News – Wilson v Scruggs settles!

Remember Eastland dismantles RICO claim in Wilson v Scruggs? Well, he sure ‘nuf did – although Patsy Brumfield broke the story in the Daily Journal before I could get to my computer:

Roberts Wilson Jr.’s multi-million-dollar lawsuit against imprisoned ex-attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs has come to an end – it’s been settled, Wilson’s attorney, Charlie Merkel of Clarksdale tells the Daily Journal.

Wilson sued Scruggs and others, accusing them of not paying what he was owed years ago for his part in national asbestos litigation. He also claimed they owed him for using his fees to bankroll other national lawsuits, which yielded mega-fees for the attorneys involved.

One of those “others” was Scruggs co-defendant Steve Patterson and Eastland’s motion to dismiss the RICO case was written in his role as Counsel for Patterson.

Today’s revelation relates to an settlement with Scruggs, his son Zach and various companies they owned. The amount is confidential, said Merkel.

Wilson, formerly of Jackson, lives in Alabama and last summer attended the guilty-plea hearing for former Hinds circuit judge Bobby DeLaughter, who insists he was never bribed when he presided over the original Wilson v. Scruggs lawsuit in Hinds County.

DeLaughter will be sentenced this Friday; but, the North Mississippi USA has been getting some heat lately on a variety of issues –none hotter than that from Judge Biggers.    Wonder if he or Judge Davidson think the doctor’s case was the USA’s first rodeo?

Don’t know; but, I’m full of questions such as will Eastland get a thank you note for breaking this buckin’ bronco? Don’t know that either; but, the thought reminds me of the year my daughter wanted stationery for Christmas (an envelope with money in it).