Bossier delayed until Monday

As I alluded yesterday we heard the rumor about the delay and Anita Lee made it official. Today she gives us some added color to the cause:

The fifth day of trial in a Hurricane Katrina wind vs. water case was cancelled Friday because Judge L.T. Senter Jr. was sick.

The jury trial in Bossier v. State Farm is expected to resume Monday morning in U.S. District Court.

Reginald “Ed” Bossier contends that wind effectively destroyed his one-story home before the tide from the Back Bay surged through.

The story also contained an interesting tidbit we’ve been all over since it happened in the very late belated payment to the Bossiers for their outbuilding. Again this is manifest bad faith and illustrates State Farm’s deny first and delay payment approach to their claims handling:

He also has received $77,000 for an outbuilding, but that payment came four years after Katrina as the case headed to trial. A neighbor said the outbuilding was gone when he looked out after cowering in his hall for two minutes while a tornado roared outside.

Readers wanting to know more about how Bossier developed can click here or click the tag Bossier v State Farm at the bottom of the post. The discovery abuses State Farm was able to perpetrate with the help of former insurance defense lawyer turned US Magistrate Robert Walker are truly amazing.


6 thoughts on “Bossier delayed until Monday”

  1. Makes you wonder what’s “going on” w/the interested parties over the w/e (not the plaintiff’s of course). Right…that stuff doesn’t happen….right and I’m a man…NOT !!!!

    How convenient to have a sick day in the midst of a jury trial; not saying the man isn’t sick – just saying it’s awfully convenient that for a case that’s dragged on for nearly FIVE YEARS that when the Pls FINALLY GET THEIR DAY IN COURT THE TRIAL JDG GETS SICK & CALLS OFF FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So typical (I used to say “Chippical”) ha ha….


    1. I know all about that – because of my schedule I was outside in the rain at first light this morning doing the same in advance of a full day of meetings – we offically kicked our our busy season yesterday.

      I peeked and Nowdy does have a post started in drafts so check back with us later.


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