A few stories I’m following today: An open thread

Before I head out to the Bay and daddy duty today I wanted to share a few stories that attracted my interest, some of which we’ve previously blogged on.

Nowdy wondered a few times this football season why I didn’t blog on St Stanislaus QB Dylan Favre as I had several posts on him during the 2008 football season. The reasons were many such as not having a life the past 8 weeks due to having a 2 sports son (pee wee football/soccer) and it seemingly raining every Friday night down here for the past 6 weeks. (I guess I truly am a fair weather fan when it comes to football at my Alma Mater) That said I did manage to take in a few games one of which was the clash involving my second favorite High School Football team, the Forrest County AHS Aggies (Congrats to the Aggies on beating West Lauderdale) and last night’s SSC playoff win over Quitman. Watching Dylan Farve play over the past few years has been a real treat. Though he lacks the height to be on the major college A recruiting list someone in college football will end up with a great QB.

Last night the Dylan and the Rocks converted a 3rd and 17 with a pass that would be the envy of half the QB’s in the NFL – a throw on a rope that hit the receiver in the hands in stride. I’ll let Al Jones at The Sun Herald take it from there:

Along the way, St. Stanislaus improved to 10-1 for the first 10-win season in school history, and Dylan Favre continued his onslaught on Mississippi high school passing records with three-single season records. Continue reading “A few stories I’m following today: An open thread”

Bossier delayed until Monday

As I alluded yesterday we heard the rumor about the delay and Anita Lee made it official. Today she gives us some added color to the cause:

The fifth day of trial in a Hurricane Katrina wind vs. water case was cancelled Friday because Judge L.T. Senter Jr. was sick.

The jury trial in Bossier v. State Farm is expected to resume Monday morning in U.S. District Court.

Reginald “Ed” Bossier contends that wind effectively destroyed his one-story home before the tide from the Back Bay surged through.

The story also contained an interesting tidbit we’ve been all over since it happened in the very late belated payment to the Bossiers for their outbuilding. Again this is manifest bad faith and illustrates State Farm’s deny first and delay payment approach to their claims handling: Continue reading “Bossier delayed until Monday”