Breaking: Jefferson Parish Judge Joan Benge removed from the bench

We covered Judge Benge’s legal troubles back in July in a post I think was one of Nowdy’s finest efforts. By all accounts Judge Benge is a decent jurist whose initial inexpereince on the bench lead her to make a terrible error in judgement. WWL radio New Orleans has the breaking story:

The Louisiana Supreme Court has removed a Jefferson Parish judge from her position with the 24th District.

The high court ruled today that Judge Joan Benge conspired to fix a personal injury case for a plaintiff who had ties to disgraced former Judge Ronald Bodenheimer.

Legal experts say the ruling by the court could also mean that Benge could lose her license to practice law altogether.

In 2001, a newly-elected Judge Benge was ensnared by an FBI “Wrinkled Robe” investigation of corruption in the Gretna courthouse.

While tapping the phones of veteran Judge Ronald Bodenheimer, federal investigators also recorded Benge discussing a personal injury case, which had come before her bench, with Bodenheimer.

According to the Judical Commission report, Benge appeared to give in to pressure from Bodenheimer to find in favor of the plaintiff, even though Benge several times reffered to it as a “zero” case, meaning that she thought that the plaintiff was entitled to no recovery for alleged damages.

In her response to the judicial commission, Benge said, “this conduct occured in ’01. I’m a different judge today. This is ’09. This was a 20 minute conversation when I was young.”

7 thoughts on “Breaking: Jefferson Parish Judge Joan Benge removed from the bench”

  1. I understand that the written opinion, which removed former Judge Benge from the bench, was authored by the Chief “Injustice” of the Louseyanna Supreme Court, Catherine “Titty Thimble” Kimball. As SOP and Nowdy already know, because they are “sitting” on the story, Kimball is guilty of CRIMINAL CONDUCT, which was directed at me, personally, in the aftermath of KATRINA, which makes what Benge did appear to be a mere misdemeanor. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go: If we are going to “pick” on the likes of Joan Benge, who should have been removed from the bench, then let’s start talking about “Titty Thimble”, Stanwood Duval, Ivan Lemelle and a “host” of others. I’m not “scared”. Whadrdeygonnado, disbar me?!

  2. This is a shame. A true shame. I have known Judge Benge and her family for more than 30 years and never once did she favor me. She even once sanctioned a client of mine (rightly so I might add).

    Kimball has let this Chief Justice title go to her head in my opinion.

  3. Not exactly sitting on Ashton as much as it is in the pile. The amount of work that goes into what we present on Slabbed is staggering and what you see here as the “finished” product represents maybe 20% of that effort. And we do it all gratis.

    That said “Gun Grab” is up to number 3 on my list of to do posts so you’ll see that soon. As always we take guest post – in fact happily so.


  4. Thanks, SOP. Sometimes it gets mighty “lonely” here in the “AROD Leper Colony”. It’s sure “good” to know that you are “thinking” about me and my plight. Sign me, “Wallowing in self-pity”. AROD.

  5. i’m thinking about you Ashton here in Tampa, FL….ANYBODY can get disbarred; anybody can get arrested….doesn’t make it right..I know that you know that better than anybody right now – I truly despise the “haughty, holier than thou” type people who think they’re above “everything,” and then when “it” does happen to them, they wonder why nobody cares.


  6. you’re still the same man and great atty you always were….they can never take that from you. You probably know more law in one pinky than hundreds of thousands of “experienced” know it all, multi-year practicing attys.


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