Senator Vitter shares his views on Sexual Assualt: If it feels good you might as well enjoy it

Isn’t this the way America, Inc. works, you first severely limit an individuals access to the judicial system while loudly proclaiming everyone should have their day in court. Then you vote in lockstep with America Inc. when the wrong in the system is identified.

This we do know about David Vitter. He called for Clinton to resign in writing while he was cuddled up with both the religious right and cheap whores in DC. If you are a female rape victim……..well according to ol’ Dave you’re just SOL. (H/t Editilla) The fact the Louisiana GOP is standing by their man in spite of this tells more about the state of (and stench in) the party and than anything I could add.

As the Youtube vid that follows illustrates ambushing a Congressman at a town hall meeting is easy. Continue reading “Senator Vitter shares his views on Sexual Assualt: If it feels good you might as well enjoy it”

Anita Lee covers Bossier v State Farm trial for the Sun Herald

Pupua admitted under questioning from Bossier’s attorney, Judy Guice, that he was unable to produce any of the reports he used because State Farm later conducted a “Hurricane sweep,” as Guice called it. The company ordered adjusters to return all Katrina documents, including e-mails and adjusting guidelines.

How thoughtful of the good neighbor!  Who would have ever guessed? Bossier’s counsel Judy Guice certainly wasn’t guessing!  Anita Lee reports on the trial of Bossier v State Farm in two stories for the Sun Herald – Wind versus water damage debated in State Farm case and Witness says wind, adjuster says water.   Lee’s first story provides background and covers the opening statements made by counsel for both parties:

Attorneys for Bossier and State Farm offered opening arguments Monday after eight jurors were selected to hear the case in U.S. District Court. The jury must decide whether Bossier is owed more than the total of $93,480 State Farm already has paid on a policy that provided about $650,000 in coverage.

State Farm contends water destroyed Bossier’s one-story home. Bossier argues State Farm wrongly shifted the burden to him to prove wind heavily damaged his home before the water arrived…

Guice told the jury State Farm adjusters were instructed to deny coverage when they were unable to distinguish wind from water damage. “The proof will show State Farm forced the insured to sue and prove his losses,” said Guice, who hopes to seek punitive damages if Bossier wins his case for policy limits in the trial’s first phase.

State Farm attorney Ben Mullen argued the insurance company denied coverage only for excluded water damage, as the policy dictates. He said testimony from the same eyewitness will show water had risen high enough by 8 a.m. to destroy the Bossier home in the Bayside Drive neighborhood.

Lee’s second story covers the Tuesday testimony of State Farm adjuster Tip Pupua: Continue reading “Anita Lee covers Bossier v State Farm trial for the Sun Herald”