What’s the score? No, not the Saints game, I know they won – I’m talkin’ Katrina litigation and then some

So, what’s up besides the Saints? Well, for starters there’s the trial of Bossier v State Farm that got underway yesterday after the jury was seated mid-afternoon.  The grapevine reported there was time for opening statements (with no personal commentary re: Bossier’s motion in limine) and one witness before Court ended for the day.   The second day began at 10am and hopefully I’ll get another grapevine report or there will be something in the Sun Herald.

State Farm filed an an 11th hour trial brief, but  an interesting one nonetheless, that sets forth the Company’s position on the meaning of the Corban decision:

State Farm anticipates that Plaintiff at trial may attempt to satisfy his burden of proof merely by pointing to the totality of damage to his house at the conclusion of Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading “What’s the score? No, not the Saints game, I know they won – I’m talkin’ Katrina litigation and then some”

CIT, Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld

I’ve been under the weather the past few days but this blurb on the taxpayers getting the billion dollar shaft courtesy of Tim Geithner and the CIT bankruptcy did not escape my notice. As a SBA loan recipient I can attest first hand my file literally employed 2 workers for 12 weeks while Uncle Sam took security interest in everything I owned but my left testes (I drew the line there as a guy has to keep some dignity) yet CIT manages to get signature only terms from Timmy Geithner on the billions in TARP funding they received.

It was while I pondered the discomfort from having our collective financial rear end gang raped without benefit of vaseline on this CIT deal that it struck me the reason for Timmy’s incompetence has been well documented once before several years back in the media. Luckily for the Slabbed Nation I was able to dig it up via youtube. Continue reading “CIT, Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld”