(almost) Breaking News – Trial date set for Rigsby Qui Tam

My computer broke before I could post the breaking news (hence the “almost”).  $%#&  Now, I’m broke; $%#&  However, Sop (and everyone else who saw the Katrina survivor I typed on until today) will tell you that I’ve needed a new computer at least as long as he’s known me.

I’ve got one now…it looks a lot like the trip to the beach I was planning because I didn’t  just buy one, I bought two and an external hard drive that backs up what I put on them (and will  hold more than I’ll have to save before placing  my order with Walmart) – but enough of that and on to the (almost) breaking news.

Rigsby qui tam is going to trial. December 1 is the date…2010 is the year – according to the scheduling order locked in my old computer.

It’s been a long day.  I started shopping after lunch but didn’t have everything working until an hour or so before midnight.  So, tomorrow Scarlett (or maybe the next day) I’ll come up with the scheduling order and update this post.  Meanwhile, let us all ponder WTF is the reason there will be no trial on the Rigsby qui tam claim until the sixth year following Hurricane Katrina.

5 thoughts on “(almost) Breaking News – Trial date set for Rigsby Qui Tam”

  1. Ashton I really hope you were serious about writing a book on all this. Mostly the corruption aspects. No doubt the delays are intentional. I’ve seen where books on other events ie Scruggs and such are planned however it looks like one group of crooks publishing dirt on another as a distraction. I won’t be buying those types. I want the names dates and actions of the big boys not their control over the puppets.

    I don’t know the extent of crimes associated here, but given to my own experiences nothing would surprise me.

  2. Mr. RM: For 35 years, pre-KATRINA, I made my living by “communicating” as a lawyer. I am not a “creative writer”, but I think I know how to accurately portray facts, persuasively. Yes, if I live long enough, I will write a book or a screen-play. What I have personally experienced makes “A Civil Action” look like kindergarden, and I’m not talking about “self-absorbed” ME, but about innocent “Victims of KATRINA”, who simply haven’t gotten a fair shake from our system of “injustice”. The insurance cases which are the focus of SOP and Nowdy are part of a much bigger picture, which not many people care about or even know about. Since KATRINA, i dedicated my life to seeking “justice”, which has proved to be a “Quixotic” undertaking. The next four (4) years will be dedicated to “getting even”, or “getting satisfaction”, and the people who I have in my sights had better stay out of my way.

  3. I think the delay is beneficial……

    more time for careful discovery….more time for Branch to percolate….more time for the Federal Government to weigh-in….make new policy statements on what their intent was (Maurstad) and their perspective on the merits.

    Remember….the real plaintiff is the U.S. Government……

  4. “Careful discovery” should produce interesting results, James – the Rigsbys have only had the very limited discovery allowed prior to the hearing in May; however, the record shows State Farm using other litigation as an opportunity for qui tam discovery.

    So much happened before there was a SLABBED tracking the Rigsbys qui tam; but I’ve been catching up and plan to do several “then and now” posts (once I’ve transferred everything from my old computer).

    I’ve been particularly interested in events related to the governments role. We hear a lot of “talk” about the various influences on DOJ and, in some of the documents I’ve found, you can see the “footprints and shaddows”.

    I don’t think anyone has forgotten the government is the plaintiff – except the government! The slabbed are still waiting for “the change we need” – starting with a public and President that understand the difference between the natural disaster here and the man-made disaster in New Orleans..

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