from here to eternity

s-WAL-MART-largeSLABBED is just mainly a legal affairs and insurance blog. No respectable woman here in the land of gourmet funeral food could possibly ignore an event as significant as Walmart extending its reach into the hereafter.  Huff-Po had the story and the picture:

Never mind its typical merchandise, the world’s largest retailer has a new item on the shelf.

You can now purchase Walmart caskets, a development that could threaten funeral homes. Beginning at $999 for lower-end models, all 27 caskets in the Walmart online inventory cost less than $2,000, except the “Sienna Bronze Casket,” which sells for $3,199. The caskets come from Star Legacy Funeral Network, Inc., of McHenry, Ill., and ship within 48 hours.

Star Legacy Funeral Network is in for a big surprise if the company believes shipping within 48 hours is a selling point.  If not already happening, it won’t be too much longer before they’re fielding calls about their lay-away plan.  Continue reading “from here to eternity”