Wilson v Scruggs assigned to Texas Judge David Hittner

Talk about a case with legs! Patsy Brumfield has the story for the Daily Journal:

W. Roberts Wilson’s legal pursuit of former attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs has moved to a Texas judge.

Friday, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Edith H. Jones ordered Wilson’s lawsuit against Scruggs and his pursuit of money once belonging to former District Attorney Ed Peters to be presided over by Judge David Hittner of Texas’ Southern District. The order was not posted for public view until today. Continue reading “Wilson v Scruggs assigned to Texas Judge David Hittner”

Environment What???? Gene Taylor’s Aide on the Environment Could Stand a Few Lessons on the Topic

I heard about Bay St Louis’ version of Fred Sanford’s latest run in with the Bay City Council shortly after last week’s City Council meeting.  As I once had the misfortune of owning property close to a self centered miscreant who turned his lot in a residential neighborhood into a junk yard I was immediately attracted to the story. This is exactly the kind of publicity Gene could do without.  JR Welsh at the Seacoast Echo has the report:

The environmental aide to Congressman Gene Taylor has until Monday to clean up a narrow, litter-strewn vacant lot on Citizen Street, or the City of Bay St. Louis will do the job and assess the costs to him.

The City Council has been after congressional aide Chris Lagarde for years to clean the property at 203 Citizen Street, a block off the beach. The lot, which city records show is only 32 feet wide but 140 feet long, is littered with scraps of building materials, rusted barrels, ice chests, gasoline cans, an old pickup truck, and other assorted debris.

Lagarde is a longtime assistant to Taylor, who represents Mississippi’s 4th District in Congress. In his professional life, Lagarde is a fisheries expert who advises the congressman on environmental matters.

But city officials maintain that Lagarde’s own property is environmentally unsound.

On more than one occasion, they have declared 203 Citizen Street a menace to the health, safety and welfare of Bay St. Louis citizens. Continue reading “Environment What???? Gene Taylor’s Aide on the Environment Could Stand a Few Lessons on the Topic”